Deeply Divided and Unfit For Public Office.

The news that Ed Balls and Chuka Umunna are both opposed to the energy price freeze announced by Red Ed Miliband in his speech to the Labour Conference just shows how deeply divided and unfit for public office the Labour Party really are.

For Lord Mandelson to openly criticise the move despite the fact he has a financial interest in energy companies also speaks volumes.

What this and the fact that it has since been revealed that many Shadow Cabinet members were not even aware of the change in policy before it was unveiled in Mr Miliband's conference speech proves is the bitter war going on for the heart and soul of the Labour Party.

Caroline Flint's dismal defence of the policy on the grounds that it will provide a fair deal to consumers speaks volumes too because whenever we all heard that under the last Labour Government you could be sure that there was something hidden in the small print.

I cannot help but think that with Ed Balls having such a poor reputation for briefing against colleagues as was proved by Tony Blair's downfall, is the Shadow Chancellor now starting to brief against Mr Miliband so as his wife, the Shawdow Home Secretary and bookies favourite to be next Labour Leader, Yvette Cooper, can at some point challenge Mr Miliband for the Leadership?