Crypto Communist Regime That is the E.U.

I fully understand Conservative MPs concern as regards the drive to return powers from Brussels.

What I believe David Cameron should be focusing his efforts on is making sure that the Private Members Bill introduced to Parliament earlier this year is made law and is statute ready for the next General Election.

Then the British people will really have a proper choice and this in itself will provide the clear blue water needed between Labour and the Conservatives.

Where as Tony Blair promised a Referendum as regards the Lisbon Treaty and failed to deliver, by having a law already in place, the lack of trust that exists between politicians and the electorate thanks to Mr Blair could at least be partially healed by the fact that the Referendum would already be on the statute book.

People like me in their forties have never had a say on the crypto communist regime that is the E.U and the only way to regain trust from people like me is to do the honourable thing and give us our say sooner rather than later.