Tories Prepare For Battle.

The age-old battle of Left vs. Right publicly reignited last week during Red Ed Miliband's announcement to take Britain back to the 1970's with price fixing energy bills, which led to obvious criticism, not just by energy companies but business leaders from all sectors.

Conservative Party announcements already pit the Tories on the right more-so then they were just last week with policies on tax breaks for married couples, much needed help for young people with a help-to-buy scheme and an expected 'workfare' scheme whereby long term dole claimants will have to work for their benefit payments.

One young Tory activist told tbg - "These are the right policies for the future of Britain, we are here in Manchester not ashamed but proud of this government for doing the right thing. Bring it on."

Cameron: Energy Price Freeze is 'Nuts'.

David Cameron has today spelt out his mission between now and the 2015 General Election: Winning an Outright Majority.

Speaking on the BBC's Andrew Marr Show the Prime Minister made it clearer than ever before that he wants his own mandate.

The Prime Minister also made it clear that the only way Britain's would get a say on the E.U way with a majority Conservative Government.

Mr Cameron said that he believed in higher living standards and lower taxes and dismissed Labour's pledge to freeze energy bills as "nuts".

EXCLUSIVE: Council say Hancock is Footing Legal Bill.

TBG can exclusively reveal today that according to an email to tbg from the Strategic Director, City Solicitor and Monitoring Officer for Portsmouth City Council, Michael Lawther, poor Mike Hancock is having to foot the legal bill for his defence against claims of sexual assault HIMSELF.

Up until now it was thought that these legal expenses might be being paid for by the council itself.

It's sure gonna be costing Mike a good few bob.

Deeply Divided and Unfit For Public Office.

The news that Ed Balls and Chuka Umunna are both opposed to the energy price freeze announced by Red Ed Miliband in his speech to the Labour Conference just shows how deeply divided and unfit for public office the Labour Party really are.

For Lord Mandelson to openly criticise the move despite the fact he has a financial interest in energy companies also speaks volumes.

What this and the fact that it has since been revealed that many Shadow Cabinet members were not even aware of the change in policy before it was unveiled in Mr Miliband's conference speech proves is the bitter war going on for the heart and soul of the Labour Party.

Caroline Flint's dismal defence of the policy on the grounds that it will provide a fair deal to consumers speaks volumes too because whenever we all heard that under the last Labour Government you could be sure that there was something hidden in the small print.

I cannot help but think that with Ed Balls having such a poor reputation for briefing against colleagues as was proved by Tony Blair's downfall, is the Shadow Chancellor now starting to brief against Mr Miliband so as his wife, the Shawdow Home Secretary and bookies favourite to be next Labour Leader, Yvette Cooper, can at some point challenge Mr Miliband for the Leadership?

Yvette Cooper Eyeing Up Labour Leadership Bid?

TBG thought it was strange to hear from the well respected Political Editor of the Daily Express, Macer Hall, that Red Ed Balls is opposed to the Utility Price Freeze.

But then we did our sums and given that Red Ed is married to another opponent of the scheme, the Brownite but slightly more centre-ground Yvette Cooper, it all starts to become a bit clearer.

Which begs us into asking this question: Is Red Ed Balls preparing to stick the knife in Red Ed Miliband so that his bookies favourite Mrs can have an easy coronation?

Red Ed at War With Party.

TBG can exclusively reveal this morning hot on the heels of yesterday's sensationally revealing exclusive as regards Lord's Mandelson and Digby Jones opposition to an energy price freeze, at least three of Miliband's 'inner circle' are also opposed to the move. tbg can exclusively reveal that they are Ed Balls, Yvette Cooper and Chuka Umunna.

It's understood that the real reason behind the idea is actually pressure from the trades unions, who, latest figures show, provide 81 per cent of Labour funding. However, one MP who is being tipped to replace Andy Burnham as Shadow Health Secretary next week, Caroline Flint, has this morning backed her Leader and fellow South Yorkshire MP.

Whilst Balls, Cooper and Umunna think it will damage Labour's relationship with big business Flint issued a statement late last night saying - "All the warnings about blackouts were nothing more than scaremongering. Labour reforms and the price freeze will make sure consumers get a fair deal."

TBG thinks that as proved by comments from an S.S.E. Employee yesterday prove, jobs will be put at risk.

UKIP Supporters Ready to Back Tories.

TBG can reveal this morning that a new poll shows that a whopping 70 per cent of current UKIP supprters could be persuaded to vote for the Conservatives at a General Election.

Its another body blow for Red Ed Miliband who refused to back an E.U. Referendum in Brighton this week. Its understood that this figure could even INCREASE if the Conservatives limited benefits handouts and reduced services to immigrants.

TBG understands that the Conservatives are set to roll out a proposed "work for dole" policy in Manchester next week.

Red Ed Miliband Has Business on the Run.

With shares in the leading utility companies taking a nose dive on the announcement by Red Ed Miliband that he wants to freeze prices tbg has today learned of another ABOUT LEFT by the Labour Leader.

With no less than three Blairites about to be sacked in the forthcoming re-shuffle, roving reporter Geoff Brooking has this morning learned that pressure is growing on Miliband from his union comrades to extend the price freeze promise on utilities to other markets such as water, petrol and rail travel.

In the last few hours its understood that Tony Blair, Lord Mandelson and Lord Digby Jones have voiced either concern or disquiet.

Blair said that the idea went down well with conference but refused to condone it, Lord Mandelson said that - "the perceptions of Labour policy are in danger of going backwards", and Lord Digby Jones accused Miliband on taking the party down a road of "tribal socialism."

One S.S.E employee from the company's Havant office told tbg this morning that even though she was planning to vote Labour herself in 2015 because she is so afraid of losing her job through Miliband's proposed radical overhaul she is now seriously considering switching to the Conservatives.

tbg thinks that at this rate Red Ed is going to give Michael Foot a good run for his money for worst Labour Leader, ever.

EXCLUSIVE: Red Ed Set to Sack Blairites.

TBG's Roving reporter in Brighton can today confirm another move to the left by Red Ed Miliband.

It's understood that no less than three key Blairite Shadow front benchers are rumoured to be getting sacked. They include former Health Secretary Andy Burnham, former Chief Secretary Liam Byrne and the man responsible for the 'Portillo moment' in 1997 Stephen Twigg.

Dale Bailed.


TBG's roving reporter at Labour Conference in Brighton can reveal that former Tory election candidate and journalist Iain Dale has been questioned today by Sussex Police.

It follows an altercation involving one man, his dog and a Damian McBride protestor yesterday. tbg understands that Dale has to report back to police here in Brighton tomorrow.

UPDATE: The former Tory Candidate Iain Dale has today been given a formal caution by Sussex Police following his altercation with protestor Stuart Holmes earlier this week here in Brighton.

The Tory Blogger says that he has 'no regrets' for stepping in to protect his author on Brighton sea front during an interview between ITV Daybreak and Damian McBride.

Red Ed Walks Out of ITV Interview.

TBG can exclusively reveal that Ed Miliband made another cock up in Brighton today.

The Labour Leader sensationally had to walk out of an interview with Meridian News Political Editor Phil Hornby after the issue of the fire workers strike came up. Miliband said that he needed to be briefed on the issue by an advisor.

TBG thinks he was more likely trying to avoid upsetting his union paymasters.

Does Red Ed Think We Were All Born Yesterday?

If there was one thing that the Labour Leader really did right with his speech to conference in Brighton it was almost certainly to live up to the 'Red Ed' tag that media commentators like myself invented when he took over from Gordon Brown.

But that's just about as good as it got because everything else that he uttered and offered was nothing short of a return to the same old socialist days of more regulation and more taxation that got us all into the financial mess David Cameron inherited in 2010.

Does Mr Miliband really think we were all born yesterday?

His pledge to freeze gas and electricity prices between 2015 and 2017 if he wins the next election is the closest thing to a bribe any politician can come out with.

The reason why energy bills shot up like they did is because of the failed environmental policies that were implemented when he was Environment Secretary.

People need to realise that it was Ed Miliband who was the architect of the so called 'green energy' that saws bills go through the roof and silly on and off-shore wind farms blot our landscape here, there and everywhere.

Or did Ed Miliband dream his latest idea up in the same casino where Gordon Brown sold our gold at rock bottom prices?

What the conference has proven yet again is that Labour really never change from their old tax and spend ways.

Take Ed Balls big idea as well which is to clobber mansion owners so as to scrap the so-called 'bedroom tax', fund more welfare and scrap the public sector pay cap.

Nothing could be worse for the wealth creators that this country so desperately needs than more taxes.

If ever there could be a Chancellor who could put an end to a recovery before it has even gathered pace it would be Ed Balls.

As my fellow commentator Patrick O'Flynn so correctly put it in Brighton on Tuesday "Nobody is fooled by Ed's attempt at such chat-show smarm" because they all know that what it all really means is a return to the same old left wing socialist rot that this country so resoundingly rejected in 2010 and in my opinion will also reject come the next election in 2015 too.

60% Say Miliband is a Loser.

Hot on the heels of his speech to conference comes more bad news for the Labour Leader.

A Com Res Poll for ITV News finds that 60% of voters don't think Ed Miliband is a winner, 49% think Labour would do better if they dumped Red Ed as Leader, 48% don't think he is doing a good job and just 28% think that he is in control of his party.

Labour Councillor Accused of 'Naked Hypocrisy' Over 'Page 3' Pole Dancing Comments.

LABOUR Councillor Chris Mullins has come under fire after remarks likening the increasingly popular fitness art of pole dancing to Page 3.

The Crawley Borough Council Shadow Cabinet Member for Leisure and Culture, is reported as saying - "I was not pleased to see pole dancing booked, that is Page 3 stuff". Mullins expressed concerns about "downmarket" shows he feels have been introduced at Crawley's Hawth Theatre recently after a change in management.

The local pole dancing fitness organiser said - "It was an unprofessional and misleading comment which is not correct. There is strictly no nudity and this is a physical discipline that requires you to be really strong. Pole dancing has moved out of the clubs and is now in gyms."

Tory Council Cabinet Member for Leisure and Cultural Services Cllr Duncan Crow labelled Mullin's remarks as, "naked hypocrisy", after a 'penis origami' show was booked when the Labour Councillor was Cabinet Member for Crawley Leisure and Cultural Services.

Councillor Crow told tbg - "I remember when Chris Mullins was the Labour Cabinet Member responsible and was having male strippers performing at the Hawth."

"Puppetry of the Penis is still touring although it is not coming to the Hawth in this year’s autumn tour. It features full-frontal male nudity and is advertised as 'a mind-blowing show written and devised by two handsome, well-endowed Australians who manipulate their manhood into various shapes, objects and landmarks'."

Cllr Chris Mullins has apologised for any offense he may have caused, but stood by his comments.

Tory Youth Wing Back Sex, Gay Marriage but Not Abortion in Sensational Poll.

Mo's Poll

  • 57% of Conservative Future (CF) Pro Life

  • 72% back sex before marriage

  • 60% in favour of gay marriage

  • 36% think Britain should stay out of all foreign wars

  • 70% believe foreign aid should be reduced or scrapped

  • 21% reckon CF is full of weirdos

  • 55% say Labour biggest threat to Tory 2015 majority

Full Results below, Metcalf-Fisher analysis now Live

[Sample/Respondents - 230]

Labour Party Stink of Desperation and Political Opportunism.

So, after three years of waiting for a policy announcement and thirteen years of ruining our country all that Red Ed Miliband and Red Ed Balls and their out-dated Labour Party can come up with is a pledge to scrap the so-called "bedroom tax".

This doesn't just speak volumes but also stinks of desperation and even more political opportunism at the heart of the Labour Party.

Have the Labour Party got nothing better to do than tax hard working and law abiding citizens even more just so as to fund the welfare state?

Under the last Labour Government between 1997 and 2010 we had a welfare system where it paid not to work coupled with an open door migration policy that saw our own home grown young talents wasted.

What this kind of policy shows yet again is where as the Conservative Party under the magnificent Leadership of David Cameron and Chairmanship of Grant Shapps want to help people get a job or train up for a job so as to get on in life all that the Labour Party are interested in is funding its own core welfare supporting base.

No wonder that 40% of Unite members are sick of Red Ed Miliband already and so many councillors up and down the land remain disillusioned with his failing leadership and no wonder Labour's lead in the latest opinion polls has shrunk from 14 points up a year ago to level pegging recently.

If you ask me, people can now clearly see that clear blue water emerging between Labour and the Conservatives with Labour moving ever closer to the left with their union paymasters whilst the Conservatives stick firmly to the centre ground that Middle England continues to aspire to.

Instead of taking to his soapbox to defend the idea of a free-for-all welfare state as opposed to one that acts as a safety net, what Red Ed Miliband should be doing this week in Brighton is firstly distancing himself firmly from the left wing trades union barons who fund 81% of his party and get the front row seats at conference, even though they are hell-bent on causing mayhem. Secondly, apologising for the legacy of debt that he and his party left behind along with that letter from former merchant banking millionaire Liam Byrne saying that "there is no money left" and thirdly say sorry to the young generation of people, who's talents were wasted when his party was last in office thanks to their socialist rot of an open-door migration policy.

Only then will people ever start to sit up and take note, let alone ever take the Labour Party seriously again because in my opinion what those long thirteen years between 1997 and 2010 proved was that whether it was Brown or Blair, Labour were not fit for government then and are still not fit for government now.

Hewitt Elected Wirral Tory Youth Chair'.

TARA HEWITT has been sensationally elected Chair' of the troubled Wirral Conservative Future (CF) branch.

Tara has released this exclusive statement to tbg - "I'm very happy to be the new chairman for Wirral CF. I'm looking forward as a priority to building stronger links with Liverpool, West cheshire and other NW CF branches going forward.

"We are a diverse family and I'm proud to be friends with other inspiring cf activists across the region, Its important to give all our members an opportunity to interact socially, to share ideas & to share plans in the region so we are all best placed to help the party going into EU elections in 2014 and then onto the general election in 2015 too.

"I will be working with our local associations to reach out for new members in the coming months and getting behind our key 40/40 target seats: Esther McVey MP's seat of Wirral West and our local target seat of Wirral South.

"I'm looking forward to meeting other branch chairman at Conservative Party Conference and learning what has worked well else where in the country at growing a new branch.

"Id like to thank our North West Chairman Jonathan Levy for his support following my election and looking forward to getting behind his fabulous plans here in the North West."

Pain Expelled From UKIP.

On the day that UKIP Leader Nigel Farge makes his big speech to conference tbg can reveal that the former Leader of the Opposition on Lincolnshire County Council, Chris Pain, has been expelled from the party.

Councillor Pain was sensationally removed following a hearing in front of a UKIP disciplinary panel in London.

Details of the reasons for his expulsion are unknown as of yet, but Mr Pain said he was rowing with party chairman Steve Crowther.

Mr Pain, a councillor for Wainfleet and Burgh, said: "After nine years of hard work, and achieving some of the best results in the history of the party, they are throwing me out."

"It seems like they've used a stick of dynamite to crack a walnut."

He added: "I've always thought the party was just and fair - but this raises some grave concerns about the leadership."

Councillor Colin Mair, who represents Tattershall Castle, was appointed Acting Leader of Ukip in the County last night.

And in a new development today the new leader of UKIP in Lincolnshire says Chris Pain’s ‘private war’ with party bosses is ‘dragging down’ the rest of the party in the county.

Cllr Colin Mair has chosen to speak out over the row which has erupted over the two weeks, which first saw former county leader Chris Pain suspended from UKIP, ousted as leader by fellow members and then kicked out by party bosses following a disciplinary hearing.

Cllr Pain led a a breakaway group of six councillors which reduced UKIP’s numbers to ten and saw Labour overtake the party as the official opposition at Count Hall.

Cllr Mair, who represents the Tattershall ward at county level, said he has previously chosen to maintain a ‘dignified silence’ over the row but today spoke out.

He said: "There are a lot of good people working for UKIP, not the least being the ten county councillors left high and dry by the antics of Chris Pain.

"We continue to work hard for our constituents and our party, ignoring as much as possible the distractions of the splinter group."

He added: "It is sad that good people decided to break away with Chris Pain and it is also a fact that the inevitable result of this, if things do not change, is that they will end up not being members of UKIP."

Cllr Mair said the atmosphere in the party was of ‘bullying, back-biting and mud-slinging’ and that Coun Pain was ousted to get a grip of the issues.

His comments come ahead of this weekend’s UKIP conference and he said that leader Nigel Farage has acknowledged that the party has had ‘teething problems’.

Cllr Mair, who lost an East Lindsey District Council by-election at Frithville last week, said the Chris Pain issue will become seen to be ‘relatively insignificant’ in the long run.

He said: "People who chose to follow Chris Pain have been told they are welcome to stay in the main UKIP group but so far none have indicated that they will do so.

"It is so sad that Chris Pain, in pursuing his own private war with senior people in UKIP, is dragging down these good people."

He added: "Finally I would like to thank all the ten county councillors for the dignified way they have continued to do the job they were elected to do without being dragged into a media mud-slinging campaign."

Labour Poll Lead Disappears.

A new poll out today has Labour and the Conservatives tied for the first time in twenty months.

The poll by You Gov has both Labour and the Conservatives on 36%, UKIP on 12% and the Liberal Democrats on 10%.

The Conservatives are ahead for the first time since 2010 in the age 18-24 and over 65's Group.

This time last year Ed Miliband's party had a 14 point lead.

One Tory insider told tbg's Geoff Brooking the findings show that David Cameron is on course for a majority at the next election.

Lib Dem Council Leader Bottles It.

Seems as though reports of Portsmouth City Council Leader Gerald Vernon Jackson [GVJ] suspending Mike Hancock were a bit premature.

The only mess GVJ seems to be dealing with is dealing with the already under pressure Liberal Democrats Councillors who joined Donna Jones in finding him guilty of breaching the code of conduct.

In a statement issued yesterday Councillor Vernon Jackson said:

"The sub-committee has decided that there is a case to answer but not what the conclusion of that is or whether Mike is guilty or not."

"It seems premature for me to fire somebody before a committee has made that decision."

tbg wonders what is wrong with at least suspending Hancock? After all, that's what would almost certainly happen if it was a council employee.

Councillor Hancock said yesterday that this week's meeting was "all very predictable" leading many to think that even he is not surprised at the outcome.

Hancock is calling on Portsmouth City Council to await the outcome of the court case before reaching its own conclusions.

Yesterday's developments came as it was revealed that the latest letter sent to GVJ calling for Hancock's suspension came from the Labour Group Leader, John Ferrett.

Ferrett wrote - "Given the severity of the allegations and Nigel Pascoe QC's findings, I call upon you to suspend Cllr Hancock from the Cabinet with immediate effect."

Hancock's Not a Happy Man.

Mike Hancock was not a happy man last night.

One report sent to tbg says that the Portsmouth South MP went mad when he asked to meet the official investigator into the allegations about him and was refused access.

tbg tried to contact the Leader of Portsmouth City Council Gerald Vernon Jackson for a comment last night but got no response.

This therefore leads us to assume that he is still backing Mike Hancock even though its a huge gamble that could easily cost him his job too.

Nevertheless, tbg did get a statement from Hancock's Office last night which said:

"Mike Hancock notes that Portsmouth City Council's standards sub-committee has decided that the standard complaint against him should go on to a hearings sub-committee."

"Our understanding is that the role of the sub-committee is only a forwarding one for it to go on to the next sub-committee."

"Mike has not seen the report and it is confidential."

"He asked to meet the independent investigator and this was denied him despite him raising the refusal with the city council's solicitor."

tbg has also learned that Gerald Vernon Jackson's Inbox is today bulging with people calling on him to suspend Fratton Liberal Democrats Councillor Mike Hancock.

Rumour even has it that such is the intense pressure surrounding the Leader of Portsmouth City Council, he has even called time on his party's conference in Glasgow, and is missing Nick Clegg's speech in order to carry out a cleaning up exercise.

Speaking in today's Portsmouth News, tbg's very own Geoff Brooking was one of the first people to call on Gerald to kick Mike Hancock out of the Liberal Democrats and strip him of his portfolio.

With rumours widespread in the city of this whole story fast turning into a huge political scandal.

Former South-East Area Conservative Party Officer Jim Fleming says on Facebook that a Portsmouth Council Officer is reported as saying, "The evidence is so damning that questions will be asked shortly about how the CPS could ever have dropped this case", whilst local Tory Councillor Neil Young says that - "There are a lot of questions about the evidence that was put forward to the CPS."

As reported yesterday, such is the seriousness of the scandal, the BBC's Panorama as well as Channel 4's Dispatches programme are set to investigate the matter even further.

Which begs the question once again; Is there a By-Election back on the cards?

Hancock's Comfort.

One bit of comfort for the Liberal Democrats Councillor and Independent MP Mike Hancock last night was his old chum, the BBC Political Editor Peter Henley.

Whilst Donna Jones, Guido Fawkes, and tbg were all busy highlighting the seriousness of the allegations still facing him, his old chum Henley was all too busy playing them down.

Hancock is so friendly with Henley that the BBC man even gets away with calling him "Red Mike" on the odd occasion.

Speaking on both BBC Radio Solent and on BBC South Today, Henley said that Hancock was keen to point out that the allegations have been going around for years, that he vigorously denies them, and that he would not be bullied out of office.

Henley however did his old chum Hancock no favours though by doing an interview with Liberal Democrat MP for Mid Dorset and North Poole Annette Brooke.

Annette was very keen to point out at the Liberal Democrats Conference in Glasgow that as a result of Nick Clegg's actions (eventually), Hancock was no longer a Liberal Democrat MP but instead now an Independent.

Surely, if Hancock continues to lose friends in Parliament at this rate he's soon going to be a very lonely figure.

One get's the feeling as though even though some people can already see the writing on the wall, poor power-mad Mike and at time of writing, Gerald Vernon Jackson, just can't!

Sex Investigation Finds Councillor 'Guilty' of Breaking Code of Conduct.

EMAILS seen by tbg show the Chair' of the committee investigating Mike Hancock, Donna Jones, has said - "We decided to accept QC Pascoe's report which has found Mike Hancock guilty of sexual assault & bullying."

A decision produced by the committee this hour has found that the Portsmouth Lib Dem councillor has failed to observe the council’s code of conduct.

Councillor Donna Jones, who was on the sub committee, said - "Myself and two other councillors concluded that the report was comprehensive enough and a hearing will take place in the next few weeks. Cllr Hancock will have the opportunity to defend himself at the hearing."

Mr Hancock has stepped down from the parliamentary Liberal Democrat party while a High Court action takes place and denies all allegations.

A local source has also revealed that - "The BBC have confirmed that Panorama are in the process of making a programme about goings on in Portsmouth centred around Mike Hancock."

EXCLUSIVE: Hancock Future Being Decided, Now.


TBG can this afternoon exclusively reveal that a meeting is taking place right now to decide the future of Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock in terms of his role as a City Councillor in Portsmouth.

Councillors are discussing whether to accept or refuse a report by Nigel Pascoe QC into Hancock's conduct.

As previously reported, Hancock is facing a civil lawsuit over claims that he sexually assaulted a vulnerable woman at a first floor flat in Portsmouth.

Hancock was forced to step down in his role as a Liberal Democrat representative in Portsmouth South.

If the report out today reveals that Hancock has breached the Code of Conduct he would almost certainly be suspended as a councillor whilst a new committee is formed to decide on the outcome and at this point tbg understands that Hancock could even be given the opportunity to respond and question witnesses in public and full glare of the media.

If the report suggests he has done nothing wrong then in so far as the council is concerned it will be the end of the matter.

tbg understands that the Leader of the Conservative Group on Portsmouth City Council Donna Jones is chairing today's meeting.

More as we get it.

EXCLUSIVE: Leaked CF Chairman Resignation Letter Criticises 'Lack of Leadership' in Wales.

Craig Lawton pens letter to Wales CF Chairman

TBG can exclusively reveal a leaked letter of resignation by Craig Lawton, the Chairman of South Wales West Conservative Future [CF], to the leader of the Conservative Party's youth brigade in Wales.

Following numerous criticisms aimed at the Wales CF leader, it was thought that calm had finally been restored to the Tory Party in Wales. However, this most recent revelation from a local Welsh chairman is aimed to raise more questions about the state of Wales CF.

Mr Lawton, who is also the Chairman of Swansea West Conservative Association, stated in his email to Mr Harries that he was resigning because his "busy schedule" meant he "would struggle to give the role of Chairman for South Wales West CF [his] full attention."

A source close to Mr Lawton however said - "Craig has been involved with CF in Wales for a long time now and I know that he is extremely disappointed to see such a lack of inactivity at the top." Mr Lawton who also refers to a "lack of leadership... within Wales CF."

Regional Welsh elections have not taken place after they were called off earlier this year, with Wales CCHQ apparently taking charge in organising & overseeing fresh elections.

Mr Lawton's resignation goes on to say "It is my hope that you will, in your role as Chairman of Wales CF, find the time therefore to carry out a full election for both regional representatives and officers so that Wales CF can regain the leadership and driving force that it, unfortunately, appears to have lost."

A local source told tbg - "Such a damning indictment upon the Wales CF leadership further highlights the fact that the Wales CF has not organised any elections", since national elections concluded back in March this year.

EXCLUSIVE: Hancock Legal Costs Set to Double.

TBG can exclusively reveal that the legal costs for the Mike Hancock investigation at Portsmouth City Council are set to double.

tbg understands from a close source in the city that the costs of hiring an expensive Q.C. will now setback Portsmouth Council Taxpayers £50,000.

Hancock and an unnamed woman who is suing the Portsmouth South MP in the High Court have both instructed their solicitors to engage their own QC's and are charging Portsmouth City Council for any questions asked by an investigating Q.C.

One former Lib Dem tonight told tbg:

"This really does make the mind boggle. Hancock has already stepped down from the parliamentary Liberal Democrat Party over this matter."

"Why doesn't he do the same as a councillor? This would save our taxpayers a considerable sum and would give him a better chance of proving himself in the High Court."

Even though the police and C.P.S. dismissed an original investigation into Hancock the matter is far from over, and tbg understands that a similar case against Hancock could also be on the cards after details were passed to a television news network recently.

EXCLUSIVE: Young Labour Rep Slams 'British Scum' & Is 'Going to Kill' Hilary Clinton.

Andy Burnham (centre) and Passarlay (right) last week

YOUNG LABOUR SOURCES are understood to be furious with the party's young representative Gulwali Passarlay after a number of threatening and sexist social network posts.

Passarlay fled to Britain from Afghanistan five years ago but sources inside Labour say he has strong links to senior Labour politicians including Andy Burnham and Ed Miliband. Mr Passarlay has featured in the Independent, on Channel 4 and also served on the National Scrutiny Council at the British Youth Council.

The comments in question are related to military intervention in Afghanistan as well as Britain's role in the Gaza/Israeli conflict.

Labour sources have sensationally revealed comments about the conflict between the Hamas and Israel in relation to rocket attacks that took place, Passarlay said - "It's a defeat for the American and British scum who lied that Hamas had started it and openly encouraged Israel to slaughter civilians".

Sources also say there is disquiet over views that the premise for the Afghanistan war was a "Lie". One Labour source alleges - "He is a '9/11 truther' who claims it is a conspiracy by the Americans to allow them to exploit oil. According to him, the 1000+ deaths, including 67 British people, were a controlled demolition." 

The source went on and told tbg - "The worst remark, however, was of how he hopes to kill Hilary Clinton [right]. He is also egged on by other friends to do so. Views like Mr Passarlay's cannot be tolerated."

It has been reported that Mr Passarlay plans to return to Afghanistan and run for the presidency after completing his studies.

The Only Way Royal Mail can Have a Healthy Future.

The Government is absolutely right to push ahead with the privatisation of Royal Mail for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it is the only way for the company to have a healthy future.

Secondly, whoever takes over must ensure that staff and customers come first and I believe that by offering employees an 8.6% pay increase over the next three years the Government is committed to just that.

Thirdly, Royal Mail needs capital to invest and privatisation will do that too by providing access to the capital markets.

Fouthly, the fact that shares will be offered for sale to the public provides an investment opportunity too.

And finally, like it worldwide competitors, Royal Mail needs to modernise, be more streamlined and much more competitive in order to compete in the new age of internet shopping, more parcels and less letters.

Only privatisation can do this.

New Essex CF Chairman Takes Charge.

Thorpe-Apps takes the reins in Essex

TBG can reveal that there is a new Chairman for Essex Conservative Future (CF). Andrew Thorpe-Apps is taking over position Stephen Canning vacated when he became CF Chairman for the Eastern Region.

Canning commented to tbg - "I'm delighted to announce Andrew Thorpe-Apps will be taking over the role I vacated as Chair of Essex Conservative Future. I wish him all the best and am sure he can take it to even greater heights as we work towards 2015."

New Chairman Thorpe-Apps told tbg - It's an honour to be able to represent the Party's youuth-wing in Essex. I've lived in the county my whole life and look forward to working with our enthusiastic activists in the run-up to 2015."

EXCLUSIVE: Tory Youth National Chairman 'Banned' From Conservative Conference Slot.

TORY YOUTH National Chairman Oliver Cooper has sensationally been denied a speaking slot at the main conference hall this year, something that was granted to his predecessor Ben Howlett, last time the Tory party went to Manchester.

Sources also reveal that Cooper’s only apparent speaking slot this year is a small role inside the Freedom Zone, a good 15 minute walk from the official conference centre, where he is discussing the topic of "Why I left the Tories/ Why I’m staying".

An anonymous source told tbg - "Oliver was elected on the promise that he would be a strong independent Conservative Future National Chairman, but so far the YBF media training and libertarian agenda has failed to materialise. Being denied a speaking slot simply underlines the lack of faith the party has in him and how little power he really has.

"Our members will be bitterly disappointed that CF has zero presence in Manchester compared to last time, and there really is only one person to blame for that."

Crypto Communist Regime That is the E.U.

I fully understand Conservative MPs concern as regards the drive to return powers from Brussels.

What I believe David Cameron should be focusing his efforts on is making sure that the Private Members Bill introduced to Parliament earlier this year is made law and is statute ready for the next General Election.

Then the British people will really have a proper choice and this in itself will provide the clear blue water needed between Labour and the Conservatives.

Where as Tony Blair promised a Referendum as regards the Lisbon Treaty and failed to deliver, by having a law already in place, the lack of trust that exists between politicians and the electorate thanks to Mr Blair could at least be partially healed by the fact that the Referendum would already be on the statute book.

People like me in their forties have never had a say on the crypto communist regime that is the E.U and the only way to regain trust from people like me is to do the honourable thing and give us our say sooner rather than later.

Opposition Criticise UKIP Defector.

OPPOSITION members have today turned on Cllr Dave Whittingham after it emerged that his latest move from UKIP to the Conservatives is the FOURTH time he has changed allegiance since 2012.

Richard Ryan of Fareham Labour Party told tbg that - "It's amazing that in just a few short months someone has changed parties so many times".

It comes as the only remaining Kipper on Fareham Council Chris Wood accused Cllr Whittingham of being only out for himself.

Think Tank Back IDS' Reforms.

A leading think has publicly backed Iain Duncan Smiths' welfare reforms a week after they came under fire.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies says that the reforms will widen the gap between those earning wages and those living on handouts and will - "Will strengthen people's incentives to work".

Last week the National Audit Office said the reform plans had been beset by weak management ineffective control and poor governance.

Red Ed Letting Unions Keep a Grip on Labour.

So, once again it is clear for all to see that Red Ed Miliband has failed to take the initiative by letting the unions keep a grip on Labour.

What do you expect when facts and figures show that it is the unions that provide 81% of all Labour funding anyway including over £20 Million since Red Ed became Leader?

The fact of the matter is that Red Ed has failed to change because the unions want something back in return for their money.

No business would want otherwise.

If union delegates think that his policies are "contradictory" and "confusing", goodness knows what the general electorate think, especially when a recent poll showed that some 40% of Unite members support David Cameron?

If Red Ed Miliband really wants to distance himself from the unions he shouldn't just scrap the affiliation fee but he should also pay the money back that the unions have given the party since he became Labour Leader in the first place and reduce union control over half the votes at party conferences and a third of votes in leadership elections.

But then again, isn't that what helped him beat his David in 2010 anyway?

EXCLUSIVE: Poll Shows Tory Youth Split on Death Penalty.

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) members took part in a controversial poll last week set up by polling expert Mo Metcalf-Fisher.

The full results are due later this week, but tbg can exclusively reveal the poll is set to show that CF members are overwhelmingly in favour of leaving the EU and are split down the middle over the reintroduction of the death penalty.

'Death Penalty in cases such as murder?'

Strongly for: 23.8%
For: 23.39%

Disagree: 12.39%
Strongly disagree: 34.4%

Don't Know: 5.05%
None of Above: 0.92%

'If a referendum on Britain's membership of the EU were held tomorrow how would you vote?'

Leave: 72.48%
Remain: 21.56%

Would not vote: 0.92%
Don't Know: 5.05%

The full results are set to appear on Mo's new blog which has recently had a facelift.

Lib Dem Youth Officer Quits.

One source told tbg - "This is normally the reason people give when they can't stand things."

EXCLUSIVE: Tory Youth National Chairman Selling His PR Skills.

TORY YOUTH National Chairman Oliver Cooper has allegedly been earning a bit of money on the side speaking to prospective MP's such as Sean Bailey & Antony Calvert, tbg can sensationally reveal.

It's understood that Cooper has been offering prospective MP's advice on how to get selected for seats and creating constituency profiles on the candidates, claiming that he can get them national PR coverage.

One CF'er told tbg - "He's touting himself as a new, younger Peter Botting."

Local Tory Group Being Run Like 'Stalinist Regime'.

CRAWLEY TORY troubles continue this week after a nomination for Group Leader was sensationally void as procedure allegedly wasn't followed in the 'correct order'.

Cllr Liam Marshall-Ascough's nomination was entered on time as were all other relevant information. However, in emails seen by tbg the officer in charge of the nominations voided Mr Marshall-Ascough saying - "In order for this to be a valid nomination, we would also have needed an e-mail from another Group member, formally seconding the nomination, and an e-mail from Liam, consenting to the nomination."

Sources allege all of these conditions were met before the deadline, but not in the correct order it seems, as leaked emails from the deputy group leader state the nomination was - "Not in the correct form, formally seconding and formally consenting. No-one can second a nomination, or consent to it, until the nomination has been proposed."

Local sources say that these stated rules within the emails are not the official rules handed down by Conservative Campaign HQ in London and is an affront to democracy.

One Group member told tbg - "The emails talk about being nominated via email in the correct order - that's not in the Group rules. I just despair at the direction the Conservative group is heading because of a select few that like to run the show."

Labour Attack Ruling Local Tory Cabinet and Call on Them to Resign.

NEWLY-ELECTED leader of the Crawley Conservative group, Cllr Howard Bloom, has defended his Party's ruling cabinet after the local Labour Party group Chairman sensationally called on cabinet members on the Tory run council to resign their positions.

Labour Group Leader Chris Oxlade said - "Now, more than ever, the town needs a council with a real direction and sense of purpose, yet rather than leading the Tories have resorted to infighting and pettiness.

"This administration has proven that they cannot deliver and it’s time for them to go."

Crawley Conservative group Chairman Howard Bloom told local reporters - "We had a full attendance at the group meeting last night. Two members could not make it, but they voted by proxy.

"We are not in disarray. We are united, we have a sense of purpose and going forward."

Universal Credit Shambles Exposed Yet Again.

With the Universal Credit fiasco that tbg exposed earlier this year now firmly in the mainstream media and public domain it's now come to light that Iain Duncan Smith is laying blame for the chaos on his own civil servants.

IDS says that he has lost faith in Whitehall mandarins and is now taking guidance from the private sector instead. The new benefit was due to be rolled out nationwide next month but while critics say it may have to wait until April 2017, IDS insists his target is now April 2015.

Yesterday a National Audit Office report criticised the very civil servants IDS refers to for keeping the Secretary of State in the dark about what was really going on. The new benefit was originally designed to help make work pay before tbg exposed that this was only the case for fresh claims at Ashton Job Centre, where it is still being trialled.

And whilst Labour are this weekend questioning IDS's position Downing Street tonight told tbg that it maintains full confidence in the Secretary of State.

Tory MP Calls Putin a 'Tosser'.

TORY MP Henry Smith has today sensationally labeled the Russian President Vladimir Putin a "tosser".

The comments come after an official Russian spokesperson told reporters that the UK is - "Just a small island. No one pays any attention to them."

The Russian comments had PM David Cameron retaliate stating - "Britain is an island that helped to abolish slavery, that has invented most of the things worth inventing including the world wide web, that still today is responsible for art, literature and music that delights the entire world."

Downing Street are said to be distancing themselves from the MP's comments.

Hancock Future in the Balance.

The future of Mike Hancock this time as a portfolio holder and member of Portsmouth City Council will be decided in the coming days.

tbg has today learned that Portsmouth City Council has now received Nigel Pascoe QC's report into the Portsmouth South MP's conduct.

Hancock has already been suspended by Nick Clegg Parliamentary hierarchy at Westminster.

If the report reveals a breach of the council's code of conduct as regards Mr. Hancock, then a new committee would have to be formed to decide on his future and tbg sensationally learns that new witnesses may be called to give fresh evidence.

Another Kipper Returns to Tories.

TBG can today reveal that another UKIP councillor has now sensationally returned to the Conservatives.

Fareham North West Councillor Dave Whittingham resigned from UKIP on Monday and has been welcomed back on board by Tory Group Leader Sean Woodward who told tbg - "We are pleased to welcome Dave Whittingham back into the Conservative Group."

ToryDom #CPC13 Pub Quiz.

FORMER Tory Youth Chairman candidate Dominic McDonough is set to hold the 'ToryDom Pub Quiz' in aid of Royal National Institute of Blind People.

Dom is widely known for his hosting skills and seamless charm in chairing debates and quizzes across the country. Dom told tbg the quiz will be - "Featuring fantastic prizes and special guests."

The event is set to take place on Monday 30th September, at Alibi 33-35 Oxford St, Manchester M1 4BH.

EXCLUSIVE: Controversial Tory Youth Poll Launched.

A NEW CONTROVERSIAL Poll has today been launched by Mo Metcalf-Fisher designed to gauge opinion amongst the Tory Youth Wing on issues such as the death penalty, abortion and military action in Syria.

Mo told tbg - "It is an extension of our current research project on CF. It aims to dig deeper into CF attitudes towards a random mix of issues ranging from immigration; the death penalty; abortion; gay marriage; sex before marriage and more."

The poll is now Live and available to take here.

EXCLUSIVE: Hancock Faces Fresh Allegations in Leaflets Distributed Across his Constituency.

TBG can today exclusively confirm that a fresh set of allegations in relation to Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock have today hit the streets.

The author of the Leaflets, Les Cummings, insists he has published them as a right to reply to articles published in Lib Dem Focus Newsletters.

Hancock told tbg today that he had reported the author to Hampshire Police but they have told tbg that no such complaint has been made.

The Portsmouth South MP was forced to return to the UK from a break in Spain to vote against military action in Syria earlier this week.

A petition against Mr Hancock, who is the subject of High Court proceedings has this week attracted hundreds of signatures after it was exposed by Tory Group Leader on Portsmouth Council, Donna Jones, that Hancock's conduct hearing has already costs local taxpayers a whopping £25,000.

Cllr Jones, who is also the chairwoman of the committee’s proceedings into the matter, said she was dismayed at how much money had been spent.

"I have raised my objection to the city solicitor Michael Lawther and members of the sub-committee regarding the decision to get a second opinion from a similar QC concerning the Mike Hancock investigation."

"The reason is because the sub-committee has received information from Ian Wise QC that we will lose a judicial review if we do not continue with an investigation."

"I object to more taxpayers’ money being spend on a second opinion when it’s already clear cut.'

"I am disgusted that in excess of £25,000 has been spent on this investigation so far without having reached a conclusion. That could have paid for a children’s social worker for a year."