Witney Walker in Tory Youth National Chairman Rumours.

RUMOURS have been circulating about Witney Tory Youth Chairman Liam Walker potentially throwing his hat into the ring to become the next Conservative Future (CF) National Chairman, tbg can reveal.

One CF'er came forward to tbg and sensationally revealed - "I overheard Witney CF Chairman Liam Walker speak about the current disputes within the ranks of CF. Whilst he did to be fair to him express his support for the current CF Chairman he did say that CF needs a little more motivation and a little less bickering. He mentioned how CF over the past months doesn't seem to have moved forward and with the road to 2015 getting shorter CF needs to act now to help secure a majority in 2015.

"The next CF election is certainly going to be one big cat fight!"

However, Mr Walker has denied this to tbg but said he may well fight a national bid after 2015.

Walker revealed - "Not quite my plan at the moment. I am concentrating more on helping David Cameron win here in Witney and Nicola Blackwood in my nearest target seat Abingdon.

"Perhaps after 2015 if the right team were to present themselves then it's certainly an option I would look at."