The Prime Minister will be Proven Right in the Long run.

Well done Portsmouth North MP Penny Mordaunt for showing both principle and understanding as regards her support for military action in Syria.

I am absolutely sure that Penny's views and those of the Prime Minister will be proven right in the long run and that yet again the Labour Leader, Red Ed Miliband, will once again be shown up as a political opportunist rather than serious politician.

Thousands of innocent people are being slaughtered through no fault of their own and even though Britain may have lost personnel in Iraq and in Afghanistan, this is a completely different situation.

Those on the left of the political spectrum are all too quick to show their colours when countries are acquiring chemical and nuclear weapons yet when countries like Syria are using them against their own people are all too slow to act when finding a solution.

I cannot help but think that those on the left wing in the U.K. Independence Party have also won another battle in their struggle against Nigel Farage for the heart and soul of their party too by opposing the conflict in a bid to try and pick up more protest votes.

People need to realise that when it comes to issues like what is going on in Syria, action speaks louder than words, and Britain's lack of help in responding to Syria's needs by helping with military action will be one that it will live to regret and may well even leave those who have opposed any action with blood on their hands.