TBG is Five Years Old.

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TheBlueGuerilla has been sensationally revealing the inner workings of youth and senior politics for FIVE years.

This summer tbg will be re-posting some of the best and most controversial stories of its five year span. tbg began serving Conservative Party news on July 5th 2008 with a story on Boris Johnson and his LGBT credentials. tbg has since expanded its reach and audience to the Lib Dems and UKIP.

tbg would like to extend a massive thank you its readership old and new, now with over 3000 individual hits and tens of thousands of pageviews per day.

Described as "The Hello magazine for the thinking man/woman" and "A seedy down market tabloid", tbg hopes to continue to bring its somewhat different approach to political news, both serious and not so, all served up in the same manner for your entertainment.

The first flashback is from 14 July 2008 and one of tbg's earliest stories:

2008 FLASHBACK: Hallam in the Dock.

Newly elected Chair' of Cities of London and Westminster Conservative Future, Edward Hallam (pictured above at the CLWCF launch in Spring 2006), is having very serious accusations made against him today.

tBg just received this:

"Edward Hallam joined as a ‘support role’ and continued a sustained campaign of bullying, scheming and even at times lying to get people kicked of the committee.

The people he got sacked on the brutal path to power within the first three months (of CLWCF) were:

- Ben Heppenstall, social secretary (sacked by text and was so upset he moved to Liverpool!)
- Emily Clifton, Press secretary (sacked via text message)
- Rohan Mcculloch, events (Sacked via phone)
- Steven George, former vice-Chairman (Pushed out))".

Tory Bear reported yesterday on some paid up members of CLWCF not receiving ballot papers, or being alerted to CLWCF's AGM. tBg can confirm this story as fact.

tBg's source added:

"...Interesting how he (Hallam) has gone up the ranks don’t you think? I am a fully paid member and they have definitely not sent me a ballot paper or even notification that an AGM was coming up, this election is a cold calculated farce designed to get Hallam into Parliament."