Royal Mail Need to Gain Access to Private Capital.

So, Royal Mail staff in the left wing and Labour supporting Communication Workers Union plan to go on strike and try and block attempts to privatise the service.

If this doesn't underline how completely out-of-touch with business they and their leader Dave Ward are then nothing will.

As I have always argued, Royal Mail need to get in the real world and move into the 21st Century when it comes to running a business.

Royal Mail desperately need to gain access to private capital in order to grow and compete with the rest of the mail industry.

Even Labour's own Lord Mandelson agreed with that.

The fact that the company ran up such a huge pension deficit is testament to that.

The boom in internet shopping means parcel delivery is far more important to Royal Mail's business than the delivery of letters which is shrinking due to latest I.T technology. and if Royal Mail is to compete with the likes of TNT and UK Mail then it needs to embrace change and get in the real world.