Red Ed Miliband is a Complete Failure.

I wholeheartedly agree with most of my fellow political journalists in saying that Red Ed Miliband is such a comfort for David Cameron.

Do Labour really think that the public are ever going to take seriously a man who has turned his back on his country so much, that, even in opposition, he has gone on holiday with his family to the South of France to try and escape the pressures of being a Leader of the Opposition yet has not taken a phone or laptop with him and can only even be reached by his closest aides through his wife?

Red Ed Miliband is a complete failure and its about time people woke up and realised what they would be letting themselves in for if he were ever to become Prime Minister.

What we have in Red Ed Miliband is a man paid for and elected by the trades unions, who, even in opposition, is returning the favours.

This is proved by the fact that all but one of his top candidates for next year's European Elections has links to Unite.

And Chuka Umunna is no better either.

Only last weekend it was exposed that Chuka Umunna too has been caught in a row over union donations of £47,000 whilst at the same time voting in line with the wishes of Unite and others.

The same Chuka Umunna who was seen on his high horse recently talking to The Times CEO African Summit about how terribly unfair private schools even though Chuka himself was deputy head boy of the £4,700-a-term Independent Day School at St Dunstan’s College.

If this is how Labour behave in opposition under Red Ed and Chuka then goodness only knows what they would be like in Government again.

Even when Red Ed Miliband had the chance to distance himself from the unions recently with his big set piece speech, all he did in reality minus the spin, was kick the issue into the long grass by setting up a commission.

Yet after further analysis I recently found out that even this much hyped commission is to be led by Ray Collins who himself used to be, wait for it, Unite's Assistant General Secretary!

All I can say is once a Red Ed and for that matter once a Red Chuka, always a Red Ed and always a Red Chuka, because both these men and their party never seem to change.