Majority Approval for Cooper Among Tory Youth Members.

TORY YOUTH CHAIRMAN Oliver Cooper has a majority approval rating according to a recent poll of young Conservatives. 58% of those polled currently approve of the Conservative Future (CF) Chairman, with 34% against his performance thus far. This is in contrast to recent voices close to the CF National Executive whom say confidence is "waning" on the exec' for Chairman Cooper.

So long as Cooper is on the right side of membership it's presumed unlikely he'll be too fussed about National Executive views on his leadership.

Did you favorite candidate for National CF Chair win?

Yes: 40% - No: 36%

Don’t Know/ Did not answer: 24%

Opinion of Mr Cooper

Oliver is doing a great job: 26%

Oliver hasn’t had enough time to assert himself but I think he’ll do well: 31%

Oliver has done little to impress me so far: 22%

Oliver is doing a bad job: 12%

Don’t know: 7%


In favor: 58% - Against: 34%

Don’t Know/ Did not answer: 7%

TheBlueGuerilla.co.uk came out on top (67%) as the most read website among young Tories, followed the The BackBencher and London Spin respectively.

CF members' beliefs on the biggest issues for those aged 16-30 are whom are not affiliated with the Conservatives are:

Minimum Wage 57%

Gay Marriage 22%

For the Legalisation of Drugs 20%

On UKIP, those aged 16-30 seem split on how to deal with the 'threat':

UKIP serious threat, adopt more right wing approach: 22%

UKIP may be a threat, consider altering our position on some issues:30%

UKIP not a threat, maintain current position:32%

UKIP not at all threat, ignore them:10%

Don’t know: 4.4%

How likely are CF members to jump ship to UKIP?

I will be joining UKIP: 5% - Very likely: 7% - Likely: 8%

Unlikely: 15% - Very Unlikely: 16%

Never join UKIP: 47%

Don’t Know: 1%

For full breakdown of poll results visit Mo Metcalfe-Fisher's polling blog.

(Sample: 183 full responses)