Labour Councillor to be Investigated Over Assault.

A leading Labour Councillor is today under investigation for assault, tbg can reveal.

Richard Farnell, the former head of Liverpool Council’s press office, who has been absent from work due to ill health since the summer of 2012 is alleged to have both verbally and physically assaulted a 42 year old man out walking his dog at Balderstone Park in Rochdale this morning.

It's alleged that Councillor Farnell sensationally verbally assaulted the man saying that he looked a "fucking mess" before pushing him and accusing him of owning a dangerous dog.

However, the dog called Boris has no history.

The man, who is a close source to tbg, is said to have responded in self-defence by pushing Mr Farnell to the ground.

Ironically, Farnell, who drives around in a silver Jaguar with a personalised number plate and allegedly uses a Disabled Bay without a Badge, is trying to press charges for assault too.

A man has tonight made a complaint as regards Mr Farnell to Greater Manchester Police.