Harassment Probe Councillor Accused of 'Inaccuracies'.

FORMER COUNCIL LEADER Tory Bob Lanzer was attacked over the weekend by old foe & colleague Cllr Karl Willamson for not painting a full picture and "inaccuracies" in his resignation statement, tbg can reveal.

Lanzer said last week - "Now that the police and party investigations against me have ended without any charges, cautions or suspensions respectively, this is the right time to stand down and allow the council to move forward under a new Leader." The Crawley councillor said he decided to step down after the police investigation "ended without any charges, cautions or suspensions".

The councillor neglected to mention that he and now ex-Tory Cllr Williamson had received a Police Information Notice (PIN), which means the accusations of harassment he faced by Williamson will stay on police record for referral if any complaints are made in future.

This has led to local headlines accusing Clr Lanzer of "misleading people".

A local Crawley resident has publicly stated - "He didn't mislead, he blatantly failed to tell the whole story to put himself in a better light but, hey, he is a Tory, so obviously the truth is a vague concept."

A local Conservative Party member told tbg - "Well isn't this turning into Bobgate."

Cllr Lanzer admitted in local press that it "would have been better" to mention the issuing of the PINs in his statement.