Harassment Probe Tory Council Leader Quits.

CRAWLEY has had another shock political resignation today as Tory Council Leader Bob Lanzer has sensationally stepped down from his role, tbg can reveal.

Lanzer recently faced a Tory HQ and police probe over harassment accusations by council colleague, Karl Williamson, who has since quit the Tory Party and joined UKIP.

TBG revealed earlier this week a report by former Crawley Deputy & current Acting Tory Association Chairman about councillors conduct during a Full Council Meeting in Crawley. tbg can today exclusively reveal Lanzer's response to the controversial report made in April.

In emails seen by this website, Lanzer said - "In terms of comments about which councillors did and did not defend certain positions (e.g. spare room subsidy), there will only be a limited number of members who can because of time constraints. Not all members who indicate will be called.

"That said, there are members of the group who might appear not to have the capacity to make that kind of contribution.

"Everyone brings different strengths to the table whether it be campaigning, debate or an assiduous approach to ward and community work.

"I have worked with a number of Borough and District Conservative Groups in England through LGID (Local Government Improvement and Development) and they all have weaknesses just as we do, but we can always do better."

In a statement released this morning regards his resignation, Councillor Lanzer said: "Recent events may have distracted from the good work of the council, which is contrary to my purpose.

"These events of the past few months have caused me some stress and moved the focus from providing quality services for Crawley residents to disputes between individuals.

"Now that the police and party investigations against me have ended without any charges, cautions or suspensions respectively, this is the right time to stand down and allow the council to move forward under a new Leader."