FLASHBACK 2010: CCHQ Censor CF Deputy Chair'.

2010 included many battles with CCHQ and the CF National Exec'

Deputy Chair' for membership Clare Hilley today announced how she plans to overhaul the CF membership system. CCHQ says Clare's ideas and dissection of the CF system is "too controversial" for publication on the Conservative Future website.

Conservative Future had a turnout of 1% in last months election. This is a huge failing, in part due to the way members join CF, which ultimately means CCHQ doesn't not have a full database of members. It is also the failing of Clare's predecessor. Clare says she plans on hitting 10% under her tenure in next years election.

Clare said: "(The) current system has been in place for over ten years now and it is quite simply inadequate and unsatisfactory and I believe that a radical overhaul is necessary".

After consulting members, Clare points out four reasons why she believes CF had such an appalling turnout:

1) CF members were not aware that there was a CF election
2) CF members who wanted to vote did not receive a ballot paper
3) CF members who received a ballot paper did not feel the election was relevant to them thus did not vote.
4) CF members were not aware that they were part of CF so thought that the ballot paper that they received was not intended for them

Clare believes that these problems can be overcome by having a centralised database with all of our members on as we will be able to send frequent updates about CF activity in their area.

Clare went on to say: "The majority of CF members tend to ignore CF elections as they feel that it is not relevant to them as they are not at university and are young professionals. In order to change their perception we need to build upon our relationships with outside organisations like City Future, CWF, TRG, The Bow Group, CWO and other Conservative and conservative leaning organisations to provide the training and opportunities that our CF members need."