EXCLUSIVE: Tory Councillors Slammed by Party Chairmen in Leaked Report.

TBG can today publish a leaked "highly confidential" and sensationally damning report by Acting Crawley Tory Chairman George O'Keefe, whom this week quit his role as Deputy Chairman of the troubled Crawley Association and Former Crawley Tory Chairman turned UKIP'er Lee Gilroy.

This report is very damming and highly controversial as it seems every Tory councillor present felt the wrath of O'Keefe's analysis, even down to the clothes on their back when Community Engagement Officer for Crawley, Cllr Nigel Boxall, was sensationally slammed in the report for not wearing a tie. "He was not wearing a tie, and his collar was not within his suit jacket" - stated the report.

Boxall was allegedly sacked just weeks after the report, but tbg understands he is now back in the cabinet. Probably after a trip to the Tie Rack.

The report also slammed various councillors for reading a paper during debates, coming across "rather aggressive", looking "extremely bored", zero oral contributions and a lack of support for Tory 'bedroom tax' policy.

The leaked report concludes that - "On the whole the Crawley Conservative Association found the performance of the majority of Conservative Members unsatisfactory."

The author of the report, George O'Keefe, quit his role as Crawley Conservative Deputy Chairman just this week stating that - "I feel that given the troubles that the Association has experienced over the last few months it is only right that a Executive Officer Team should be able to lead us forward in their own way and electing a wholly new team is the best way for this to happen."

LEAKED - Full Council Report - Crawley Conservatives