EXCLUSIVE: Former UCL Tory President William Hall Ready to Bid for CF Top Job.

AFTER SEVERAL campaign meetings over the last couple of weeks and friends supporting and encouraging him to run, former UCL President William Hall is rumoured to be throwing his hat into the ring to become the next Conservative Future (CF) National Chairman, tbg can reveal.

Sources say Hall is said to be bemused at the failure of CF to equip Tory students on campuses and is apparently likely to get the backing of many Tory student societies and the London Universities Conservative Council (LUCC).

Hall is also a councillor in Henley and it is generally considered that he will have the support of a number of the rural constituencies.

William Hall ran for Universities of London Union (ULU) President and was defeated by Michael Chessum late on in 2012. Hall also had to ban a member from future UCL events in 2010 after sexist remarks were made at an Oxford University Conservative Association (OUCA) 'Port & Policy' event, by an individual shouting - "kitchen, kitchen, kitchen" - when a female was trying to speak.


William Hall commented - "I can unreservedly state that I'm not considering running for a position in National CF and I fully support Oliver Cooper in his role. CF is an organisation I have respect for but I have no interest in holding an elected position within it."