EXCLUSIVE: Former Tory Council Candidate in 'Intellectual Property' row with MP.

CRAWLEY TORY SAGA continues today and has taken a new turn after it emerged that the "main cheerleader" for 'Landslide No Confidence' former Chairman Lee Gilroy and Deputy Karl Williamson, who both defected to UKIP on Monday, had forwarded sensational emails to every councillor at Crawley Council on Tuesday evening, tbg can exclusively reveal.

The unsuccessful Conservative Candidate in Broadfield North in 2012 has caused uproar sensationally claiming that both Crawley MP Henry Smith and Crawley Council Leader Bob Lanzer, had stolen the 'intellectual property' of his business plan to fix the Country.

A tbg source exclusively reveals - "He is still a Tory Party member who has become peed off with the association because of the corruption and Henry stealing his business ideas. The health tourism bill were his ideas and never got any credit in the chamber."

In leaked emails to the wife of Crawley Tory MP Henry Smith, the former candidate says - "Since 2010 I have been slowly working with Henry on a national business plan which is endorsed by No.10". In another email to her he wrote - "Ask Henry about a letter from No.10 from [name redacted] via the PM telling me to continue working with Henry who will brief the PM on progress."

When repeatedly politely asked by Henry Smith's wife to stop making extraordinary claims of working with and representing the Crawley MP, the Tory member replied to her by writing - "If your telling everyone I'm not working with him your the obstacle to progress."

Mrs Smith's response to this was - "I saw the letter, We've spoken to No.10. Frankly they called us and Henry asked them to be civil about it, that you meant well etc." It is believed that many MPs and the PM frequently receive letters from the outspoken former council candidate about his hand written business plan that will "fix the Country".

Another tbg local source said - "No one is surprised by such claims and has also been contacting major international companies in Crawley falsely claiming to represent the MP. Lets hope he follows his friends Lee Gilroy and Karl Williamson in defecting to UKIP. He would fit in perfectly in UKIP and be with like-minded people."

The former Conservative Candidate in Broadfield is believed to be no longer on the Conservative's candidate list and it is suspected his close friendship with both Tory turncoats Lee Gilroy and Karl Williamson was what enabled him to be a candidate for Crawley Council last year.