EXCLUSIVE: CF National Executive Member Slams Cooper in Email Exchange.

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE Regional Chairmen have had an email exchange which expresses their unhappiness at the relationship between themselves and the National Executive.

The respondent Regional College (RC) Member seems to have received many complaints last night from regional chairmen at the breakdown in communication between the regions and the national executive.

After the barrage of emails the Tory RC Member sensationally revealed - "Oli made it very clear that he wanted to manage to relationship between the Regional Chairmen and the National Executive. He said he would call on my support as and when it was needed.

"I get the feeling that these conversations have not been taking place and therefore you all (rightly so) feel that there is a disconnect between the National Executive and the Regions. I was under the impression that he (Oliver Cooper) was filling this disconnect himself.

"Please could you all come back to me as to the level of contact Oli has had with you. I am deeply concerned that I have been holding off making contact with the Regional Chairmen with safeguard the Oli has been initiating conversations when, in reality, he has not."

An anonymous source told tbg that they disagreed with the email content saying - "It implies Oliver is not doing his job which I believe is far from the case."