CF'ers Prepare Ad Campaign Over Tory Youth Chairman Time in Office.

NATIONAL TORY YOUTH Chairman Oliver Cooper, five months into his 18-month term, faces a barrage of questions about his manifesto pledges and achievements.

This past weekend tbg was alerted to the Conservative Future (CF) Chairman's homepage, which shows absolutely nothing.

One source sensationally revealed that - "Disgruntled CF'ers are preparing an ad campaign to draw stark comparisons to what Oliver Cooper said back then and what he’s actually done."

Another right-winger added - "Either he’s covering his tracks or preparing for something big. I very much doubt it’s the latter."

The news comes just weeks before the Tory Party Conference where Young Conservatives are often seen gossiping and planning their next moves in the dark corners of local bars.

Earlier this week, tbg reported on rumours that Holmes is ready to throw his hat into the ring if anything changes before then.

It’s also widely anticipated in CF circles that Robert Manning and Sarah-Jane Sewell will go for the top job next time but tbg isn’t aware of any polling on that front.

A third CF'er, who confirmed the ad campaign, remarked - "Take a step back and compare all the manifestos. Holmes was very clear about #cpc13.

"I can’t wait for things to kick-off in Manchester. This will separate the men from the boys."

CF Chairman Oliver Cooper recently gained a majority approval rating with 58% approving of his leadership in a poll conducted with 183 respondents.