Britain is now Sending a net £1 Billion a Month to E.U.

The Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan is absolutely right to voice his concern at Britain's latest net contribution figures to the E.U.

The fact of the matter is that in austere times Britain is now sending a net £1 Billion a month to the E.U. and this does not amount to value for money.

It is an expensive club and the very least we should re-negotiate this outrageous waste of public money.

When a country or an individual joins a club they expect at least something in return.

Yet all Britain gets from the E.U. is more meddling and more bureaucracy than ever before with latest figures showing that Commissioners in Brussels now dictate 75% of our laws, none can be repealed by our own British Parliament, including control over Immigration, Business and Employment, Financial Services, Fishing, Farming, Law and Order, Energy and Trade.

It's not just the need for a re-negotiation of Britain's membership that we need but also a referendum to give the British people the chance to pull out of this crypto-communist regime once and for all and as soon as possible.