Friday, 30 August 2013

The Prime Minister will be Proven Right in the Long run.

Well done Portsmouth North MP Penny Mordaunt for showing both principle and understanding as regards her support for military action in Syria.

I am absolutely sure that Penny's views and those of the Prime Minister will be proven right in the long run and that yet again the Labour Leader, Red Ed Miliband, will once again be shown up as a political opportunist rather than serious politician.

Thousands of innocent people are being slaughtered through no fault of their own and even though Britain may have lost personnel in Iraq and in Afghanistan, this is a completely different situation.

Those on the left of the political spectrum are all too quick to show their colours when countries are acquiring chemical and nuclear weapons yet when countries like Syria are using them against their own people are all too slow to act when finding a solution.

I cannot help but think that those on the left wing in the U.K. Independence Party have also won another battle in their struggle against Nigel Farage for the heart and soul of their party too by opposing the conflict in a bid to try and pick up more protest votes.

People need to realise that when it comes to issues like what is going on in Syria, action speaks louder than words, and Britain's lack of help in responding to Syria's needs by helping with military action will be one that it will live to regret and may well even leave those who have opposed any action with blood on their hands.

Shameful Tory Rebels Rout Cameron on Syria Action.

THIRTY Tory rebels shamed the Prime Minister and Britain last night when they sensationally handed the Government a defeat in the House of Commons regards military action on Syria, after reports chemical weapons are being used on innocent civilians.

Mr Cameron responded to the defeat by saying: "I strongly believe in the need for a tough response to the use of chemical weapons but I also believe in respecting the will of this House of Commons.

"It is clear to me the British Parliament does not want to see British military action. I get that and the Government will act accordingly."

The unprecedented move signaled to the world that the UK is now wiling to sit back and allow the use of such weapons on civilians. The UK is today isolated from its allies and reputation diminished.

Inaction will probably lead to bigger problems in the region. France and the USA seem to be set to stand up for the Syrian people.

Here's the Tory rebel list:

David Amess
Steve Baker
Richard Bacon
John Baron
Andrew Bingham
Crispin Blunt
Fiona Bruce
Tracey Crouch
David TC Davies
Philip Davies
David Davis
Nick de Bois
Richard Drax
Gordon Henderson
Philip Hollobone
Adam Holloway
Dr Phillip Lee
Dr Julian Lewis
Tim Loughton
Jason McCartney
Nigel Mills
Anne Marie Morris
Andrew Percy
Sir Richard Shepherd
Sir Peter Tapsell
Andrew Turner
Martin Vickers
Charles Walker
Chris White
Dr Sarah Wollaston

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Wirral Tory Youth Branch Rudderless.

WIRRAL CONSERVATIVE FUTURE has found itself without a leader this week after it's chairman quit, reinstated himself, then sensationally quit again.

One CF'er told tbg that Wirral CF's former Chairman also replaced the branch Deputy Political before resigning.

A date for an SGM has not been set and it's unknown at this time who will put themselves forward for the top job at Wirral CF.

Another CF'er told tbg - "Wirral members will come together and see how best we can move forward. Whoever becomes chairman priority now has to be working together in Wirral and with all our north-west colleagues."

No.10 Think Ed Miliband is a F***ing C**t.

A GOVERNMENT source in Downing Street has been sensationally quoted as saying - "No 10 and the Foreign Office think Miliband is a fucking cunt and a copper-bottomed shit."

The tirade comes as Ed Miliband put the brakes on Parliament voting on the Prime Ministers motion for a military strike on Syria's chemical weapons stock, after they were used on mass in an indiscriminate fashion on innocent civilians.

The Number 10 source allegedly added - "The French hate him now and he’s got no chance of building an alliance with the US Democratic Party."

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Britain Lead the way for war.

SYRIAN Leader Bashar al Assad it seems is set to feel the might of the West later this week after his regime attacked it's own people with chemical weapons on mass in rebel held areas, in Damascus last week.

The Americans initially seemed to be dragging their feet in a response but tough talking by Britain's leaders and (as of yet) undisclosed intelligence have quickly changed the attitude of the UK's closest ally.

US defence secretary Chuck Hagel told the BBC the US is "ready to go" if the decision comes for military action against Syria.

No.10 sources have told tbg that during a National Security Council meeting the PM has said Britain can't "stand idly by" in the wake of Syria's use of chemical weapons.

The UK will present a draft resolution later today at a UN Security Council meeting to "protect civilians" in Syria.

Friday, 23 August 2013

CF Policy Forum Appoints Management Board.

NATIONAL DIRECTOR for the Conservative Future (CF) Policy Forum, Andrew Taggart, has announced the names appointed to his management board for the forthcoming year.

Taggart says his intention is for the - "Management Board to be comprised of CF Policy Forum co-ordinators on Conservative Future Regional Executives."

Regions yet to put forward a candidate for the board include West Midlands, East Midlands, Eastern, South West and South East Conservative Future.

Those whom have just been appointed to the board include, Sam Baxter (North West), Isaac Duffy (North East), Sarah Bennett (Yorkshire and the Humber), Greg O’Kane (Northern Ireland), Tom Giffard (Wales) and Laura-Rose Saunders (London CF).

The CF Policy Forum's purpose is to work with the Conservative Policy Forum and provide young Tory members the opportunity to have a major influence on Conservative Party policy.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

EXCLUSIVE: CF National Executive Member Slams Cooper in Email Exchange.

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE Regional Chairmen have had an email exchange which expresses their unhappiness at the relationship between themselves and the National Executive.

The respondent Regional College (RC) Member seems to have received many complaints last night from regional chairmen at the breakdown in communication between the regions and the national executive.

After the barrage of emails the Tory RC Member sensationally revealed - "Oli made it very clear that he wanted to manage to relationship between the Regional Chairmen and the National Executive. He said he would call on my support as and when it was needed.

"I get the feeling that these conversations have not been taking place and therefore you all (rightly so) feel that there is a disconnect between the National Executive and the Regions. I was under the impression that he (Oliver Cooper) was filling this disconnect himself.

"Please could you all come back to me as to the level of contact Oli has had with you. I am deeply concerned that I have been holding off making contact with the Regional Chairmen with safeguard the Oli has been initiating conversations when, in reality, he has not."

An anonymous source told tbg that they disagreed with the email content saying - "It implies Oliver is not doing his job which I believe is far from the case."

EXPOSED: Oxford Uni Tories' Secret Posh All Male Dining Society.

A SECRET all male British Empire themed White-Tie dining society where officers refer to each other as former colonies (e.g. India, Canada, Ireland, Australia) has been sensationally uncovered with leaked emails, tbg can reveal.

Nearly every member of the secret Viceroys club is a senior official within OUCA including the President of OUCA and the Secretary of OUCA, amongst many others.

Emails reveal the society holds dining sessions at posh restaurants on memorable Medieval anniversary dates - "172nd anniversary of the birth of Admiral of the Fleet John Arbuthnot "Jacky" Fisher, 1st Baron Fisher of Kilverstone who is heir to Admiral The Viscount Nelson in our great naval tradition which has and still to this day (and please god well into the future) shape the face of the World."
anniversary dates such as the -

And - "Tomorrow will mark 364 years since one of the most odious crimes in British history - the regicide of King Charles I. King Charles was cannonised after the restoration because of his unwavering duty to God and his Country."

It was only last month that Downing Street said that the Prime Minister - "Shared public outrage at the decision to hold the Open Championship at the men-only Muirfield golf club. The Prime Minister has a great deal of sympathy with the view that exclusive memberships of this sort look more to the past than they do to the future."

EXCLUSIVE: Former UCL Tory President William Hall Ready to Bid for CF Top Job.

AFTER SEVERAL campaign meetings over the last couple of weeks and friends supporting and encouraging him to run, former UCL President William Hall is rumoured to be throwing his hat into the ring to become the next Conservative Future (CF) National Chairman, tbg can reveal.

Sources say Hall is said to be bemused at the failure of CF to equip Tory students on campuses and is apparently likely to get the backing of many Tory student societies and the London Universities Conservative Council (LUCC).

Hall is also a councillor in Henley and it is generally considered that he will have the support of a number of the rural constituencies.

William Hall ran for Universities of London Union (ULU) President and was defeated by Michael Chessum late on in 2012. Hall also had to ban a member from future UCL events in 2010 after sexist remarks were made at an Oxford University Conservative Association (OUCA) 'Port & Policy' event, by an individual shouting - "kitchen, kitchen, kitchen" - when a female was trying to speak.


William Hall commented - "I can unreservedly state that I'm not considering running for a position in National CF and I fully support Oliver Cooper in his role. CF is an organisation I have respect for but I have no interest in holding an elected position within it."

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Witney Walker in Tory Youth National Chairman Rumours.

RUMOURS have been circulating about Witney Tory Youth Chairman Liam Walker potentially throwing his hat into the ring to become the next Conservative Future (CF) National Chairman, tbg can reveal.

One CF'er came forward to tbg and sensationally revealed - "I overheard Witney CF Chairman Liam Walker speak about the current disputes within the ranks of CF. Whilst he did to be fair to him express his support for the current CF Chairman he did say that CF needs a little more motivation and a little less bickering. He mentioned how CF over the past months doesn't seem to have moved forward and with the road to 2015 getting shorter CF needs to act now to help secure a majority in 2015.

"The next CF election is certainly going to be one big cat fight!"

However, Mr Walker has denied this to tbg but said he may well fight a national bid after 2015.

Walker revealed - "Not quite my plan at the moment. I am concentrating more on helping David Cameron win here in Witney and Nicola Blackwood in my nearest target seat Abingdon.

"Perhaps after 2015 if the right team were to present themselves then it's certainly an option I would look at."

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Tory Youth Branch set to Dismiss Chairman & Deputy After 'Race Row'.

WIRRAL CF are set to hold an SGM in four weeks time and sensationally replace Dan Lunness as Chairman and Katie Frank as its Deputy Chair' Political. Lunness has also recently been dismissed from the North-West CF executive and replaced by David Barton.

The move comes as serious concerns have been raised about their leadership capabilities and friendly company they seem to have acquired. tbg has received many complaints and much information regarding Lunness & Frank and their relationship with ex-BNP pin up boy turned Liberty GB 'Culture Officer' & founder of the intolerant and xenophobic 'National Culturists', Jack Buckby.

A Tory source told tbg - "I've been a member of the Conservative Party for eight years and am a few years older than Dan and Katie yet when I got involved with the branch and stressed the importance of not only campaigning, but also holding social events, they told me that Wirral CF isn't a social branch and that I'd be better off joining another branch if I disagreed with their views.

"They have strong fixed ideas on what is right and wrong. I've informed the regional CF chairman about this."

Another CF'er told tbg -"Dan and Katie only got involved with CF last year but quickly fell out with the rest of Liverpool & Merseyside and launched Wirral CF as their pet project. They've done themselves a lot of damage since then and now already look like a spent force.

"Their friendship with a racist and remarks about gay pride being 'weird' and on par with 'have a free cupcake day' are appalling and show how different they are to the rest of CF."

Buckby's Liberty GB website says their mission is to address - "Mass immigration from the EU and Third World and the hijacking of traditional British culture and institutions by well-organised left-wing 'progressives'."

The mission statement goes on to say - "There is no guarantee at such a late stage that Britain can be saved, but Liberty GB will endeavour to put a stop to our rapidly accelerating descent into economic, educational, moral, cultural and social ruin. Britain could be a wonderful country again, but it will take politics bordering on the revolutionary to achieve this vision."

Dan Lunness denied being friends with Buckby commenting to tbg - "I wish David Barton all the best and I know Jack as he goes to Uni' in Liverpool. I don't know him personally."

Katie Frank has said - "None of this is true. Jack Buckby is a student in my politics class, his article warned of the dangers of being embroiled with the BNP I hardly see that as a bad thing to warn people about. How come your 'sources' are never named if they want to come out and take a stand?"

Young Tories set for Fierce & Bloody Fantasy Battle.

NORTH-WEST Conservative Future (NWCF) are set to battle each other in a new contest venture by the region to keep different branches closer connected.

A new NWCF fantasy football league is now open to all NWCF members, whom have until the end of the week to join.

Brains behind the idea, Wirral Deputy Chair' Membership Tara Hewitt, told tbg that the - "Idea is to help connect members across the region in a fun non political way as well as introducing some friendly competition between branches. Often with us being so spread out across the region it can be hard to keep everyone connected."

Addictive fierce battle is expected in the famously football rich north-west and Tara says she hopes to show "football is not just for boys - and my Star Trek Warriors certainly intend on giving any budding Tory Mourinho a run for their money."

Any NWCF members wanting to join can email and will be sent the league code for the Official Premier League Fantasy Football website.

Monday, 19 August 2013

CF'ers Prepare Ad Campaign Over Tory Youth Chairman Time in Office.

NATIONAL TORY YOUTH Chairman Oliver Cooper, five months into his 18-month term, faces a barrage of questions about his manifesto pledges and achievements.

This past weekend tbg was alerted to the Conservative Future (CF) Chairman's homepage, which shows absolutely nothing.

One source sensationally revealed that - "Disgruntled CF'ers are preparing an ad campaign to draw stark comparisons to what Oliver Cooper said back then and what he’s actually done."

Another right-winger added - "Either he’s covering his tracks or preparing for something big. I very much doubt it’s the latter."

The news comes just weeks before the Tory Party Conference where Young Conservatives are often seen gossiping and planning their next moves in the dark corners of local bars.

Earlier this week, tbg reported on rumours that Holmes is ready to throw his hat into the ring if anything changes before then.

It’s also widely anticipated in CF circles that Robert Manning and Sarah-Jane Sewell will go for the top job next time but tbg isn’t aware of any polling on that front.

A third CF'er, who confirmed the ad campaign, remarked - "Take a step back and compare all the manifestos. Holmes was very clear about #cpc13.

"I can’t wait for things to kick-off in Manchester. This will separate the men from the boys."

CF Chairman Oliver Cooper recently gained a majority approval rating with 58% approving of his leadership in a poll conducted with 183 respondents.

EXCLUSIVE: Parliament Street Announce Conference Programme.

PARLIAMENT STREET, one of the UK's leading think tanks, have just formally announced two events for conference 2013, tbg can reveal.

Both being held inside the secure zone at Tory Party Conference the events include, a luxury drinks reception in the Midland Hotel for 200 people and a panel debate in the main conference centre.

One source exclusively told tbg - "We have doubled the capacity of our two conference events this year in response to our growing membership and support network. This year we will be hosting an evening drinks reception inside the Midland Hotel and asking delegates what their vision is for a Conservative Party free from the Liberal Democrats.

"We are incredibly excited about Manchester this year and hope our members can rally together to help deliver a clear Conservative majority in 2015."

Attend: Parliament Street Midland Hotel Conference Drinks Reception

Attend: Parliament Street Conference Debate: Life After the Lib Dems

Friday, 16 August 2013

FLASHBACK 2010: Labour Accuse Welsh Tories of Tucker 'Cover-up'.

Welsh AMs Mohammad Asghar and William Graham have been accused of a "cover-up" by Labour councillor Armand Watts. Asghar and Graham openly supported Grant Tucker for election to CF Chairman for Wales, their endorsements were on Tucker's website and Welsh press has picked up on it.

CF Chairman for Wales, Grant Tucker, caused a storm when he released an online video stating he, "really would like to see George Galloway dead".

Both Tory AMs, Asghar and Graham, praise Tucker, Mr Asghar said: "I witnessed Grant’s excellent work ethic and determination during the recent General Election campaign and know how ambitious he is for the party in Wales."

Labour councillor Armand Watts said: "The Tories have tried to cover-up their top level support for Grant Tucker as they knew backing a candidate who has made such malicious comments would be frowned upon."

Tory leader in the Assembly, Nick Bourne, was even caught up in the argument in Wales over Grant Tucker. Bourne said: "Who individual AMs decide to endorse for election to positions such as this is entirely their choice."

Thursday, 15 August 2013

EXCLUSIVE: Holmes & Argyle set to Make Political Return.

PAUL HOLMES & CHARLOTTE ARGYLE are allegedly set to make a sensational return to Tory Youth politics and mount another serious campaign to topple current sitting National Executive chairmen at the top of Conservative Future (CF).

The explosive political team were snapped together at a private event last night at the National Liberal Club in the heart of London. Sources say talks went well and Paul Holmes will begin to assemble and push his alternative vision for CF very soon.

The National Liberal Club was founded in 1882 and its menus includes Châteaubriand Vert Pré and a Chilled Carrot Soup with Hazelnuts, Pink Grapefruit and Olives.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

FLASHBACK 2008: Liza Chantelle on Knife Crime.

EXCLUSIVE: Top CF'er Liza Chantelle talks to tBg about her experiences, knowledge and charity work with regards to knife crime.

“I support Not Another Drop and often go on the marches. I also support local charities such as YCTV that try to get kids away from crime.

"My personal experience with knife crime was growing up knowing that a close family member was named James in memory of a young lad who had died trying to break up a fight and was knifed in the process.

"The mythological older brother who knows karate is no more, instead its replaced with a youngster of 15 years old who would stand up to a 18year old as they feel no fear to “shank” (stab) him.

"On the way to YCTV a charity I do youth work with, my mother and I sat chatting in the car. As we sat in the car listening to the radio we chatted about what a crying shame it was that we had heard on the news about a young lad that had been stabbed… As I arrived at YCTV, I was confronted with the news that it was Kodjo Yenga, someone who I would sit in the same group work with, someone who I congratulated on for doing good work, someone who was a gentle giant with a shy smile. I remembered sobbing so much because it was such a waste, so senseless. Here was a lad trying to go somewhere to get away from knife crime he even did raps about it was taken by people with no respect for life. Going on his memorial march and seeing the sheer devastation that was caused by a knife was overwhelming.

"Knife crime now pervades through everyone’s conscious. Recently I had a phone conversation that went like this:

“You ok?”
“Breathing then?”
Laughter ... ”Yes … I now why you called… thanks it means a lot to me”
“Your still a fool don’t forget… bye now”

"This was the conversation I had with an old friend to check he was ok as someone fitting his description and location was on the news.

"The rings till he picked up seemed like forever. How many people clutch the phone in the night waiting for the person to ring up to confirm they are ok? How many more mothers will have to stay wake at night counting the minutes silently until they hear that reassuring key turn in the lock rather then the dreaded policeman’s knock?"

Who commits these crimes and why?

"There’s a Lord of the flies mentality with these children the only way to reach them is to get to their core. I don’t mean this in a furry touchy feely manner. I mean it from a logical viewpoint.

"On some estates if you don’t join a gang you get picked on by both gangs... with knife crimes often the initiation into such gangs. So a child may not be inherently evil but feel backed into a corner... If this child then goes to prison for carrying a knife ( I don’t mean using but simply carrying a knife) then we will have prisons over flowing with kids that turn into men in prison, virtually unemployable and then expect great things from them. That’s an oxymoron if ever there was one. Then the kid goes on the same road, same friends this time harder and wiser and a wizard at crime.

There’s no point having a conveyor belt of kids going into prison then being dropped back into the same environment without there core being tackled. What is going on in the heart of the individual to make them act that way? Is it peer pressure in which case the child can be reached or is it something more?

"I heard that teachers may be given more powers to search people. “Empty out your pockets” is the most it should amount to. It is not fair that teachers have a mountain of paperwork, steering the future doctor’s lawyer s and...ahem politicians of the future and have to act like an SIA badged security guard. That’s immense pressure and a safety concern. Teachers should be able to let children see the result of crime. I do agree with the idea of people seeing the repercussions of their crimes but it can stretch to others as prevention is better than cure. A teenager’s grasp of death as a concept of no-return can be difficult to ascertain when every moment seems like the be-all and end all when there's such a small time span for retrospect…that comes with age.

"Labour put forward youngsters seeing knife wounded victims. Right erm…nice bit of well-meaning but having student doctors look at you without ten wise cracking youngsters gawping. Better the re-formed criminal say why it’s not worth it then that.

I agree with notions such as National service because personally the idea of a mass of youngsters out on the streets in eight years time stigmatized for being a criminal and (then the cycle starts again), is scary.

"I know Major Giuliani in the states had success with a one strike and you’re out mode... But is it applicable here? I’m not so sure.
Someone carrying a knife shouldn’t necessarily be put in prison as this doesn’t help a young person they end up being taught an apprenticeship in crime by the lags inside.

"As a Conservative, I respect David Cameron and understand the “lock them up and throw away the key” ideology and totally agree for perpetrators of violent crime but worry about the outcome if it’s rolled out to simply (although nothing with knife crime is) possession of a knife.

We have to look at models that may have worked in the past or from other countries."

Stop and search.

"As someone who was recently stopped and searched not for the first time either, I have mixed feelings. I agree with the principle but for anyone who has had it done more than 3 times it is frustrating and depressing especially as it can leave you feeling tainted afterwards, the same way a trip to the headmaster’s office would if you didn’t do anything. When my cousins turned 16, I wearily said “You’re old enough for your first stop and search!!!” (As it’s so common in the black community for young men) Caribbean humour is quite ironic. But the harsh reality is that walking through town and seeing the pop up knife detector arches is a sad reflection on life. However, certain ethnic groups shouldn’t feel or be targeted solely. Now everyone is a victim of knife crime and its all shapes, sizes, creeds that are committing heinous acts.

"The buddy system in the states where younger kids get a male/ female mentor to look up as its now not a phenomena that affects young men as girls are being used to “honey trap” victims i.e. lure the lad to a venue where the gang may lie in wait as was highlighted by a recent case where that was said to have been done.

"Entrepreneurs’ who go into school to motivate. I read an article about Levi Roots saying he had 500 schools he had to visit and was approx. half way through the list. Here he is a Brixton lad done good and knows what to say and a kid can’t say “it’s alright for you” as they know he struggled. A lot of the times the kids have not gone further than their house, chicken shop, school, club, chicken shop home. All in the same zone increasingly so as many do not even step out of their zone as there is inter-borough rivalry!

"So these kids are effectively penned into the negative environment with no- escape route.
Entrepreneurs have to step up to the plate and share their knowledge. It’s unfair to say why should they as these same entrepreneurs know how much they benefit from motivational seminars and coaching so applying a business model to the situation is necessary.
An uninspired child is more of a burden to the community in terms of finance when prison is taken into account then a child inspired who goes on to be an asset to the community and his peers."

Video Game Nasties.

"Giselle Pakeerah, whose son Stefan was murdered allegedly due to the influence of such Games as Manhunt did a campaign on video Game Nasties and no matter the legalities of the case I think she had a point. Back in the day you knew what side right and wrong is, now its blurred to the point that you can stab and shot someone in a videogame and you’re the hero…children playing that in an already messed up situation it doesn’t take a genius to work out that’s not a good combination."


"On Saturdays I do martial Arts the discipline is immense! It seems to be one of the last vestiges of discipline. The dissolution of parental power could be blamed as it seems that parents cannot tell their children off for fear of repercussions. However, the real thing is peer pressure and feeling of inclusion. A gang is inclusion, I hear young people talk about elders and younger’s in some inner-city areas meaning just the elder person in the gang is the one to look up to. To some gangs are complex family structures that offer love (with strings of course), lots of praise and what can be taken to be advice.

"David Cameron talked about the role of fathers which is a valid point kids need to look up to someone and many single parents perform the herculean task of being both ma and pa so I would never say anything against them. However, the person I ask about boys to is my Dad, the person who I look up to and want to emulate after my mother is my Dad, Gangs capitalize on this and initiate young people to show love by committing criminal acts foe which they are praised for. Kids are growing up with an “it’s either them or me” mentality."

Broadened horizons about job prospects.

"Many young children don’t know about being a “city boy” but yet they know how to hustle, quick thinkers, amazing with numbers have the gift of the gab but don’t realise that the cunning they employ in “illegal activities” could be harnessed into a more legal trade. That’s not to say anything against those in the city. But you see young lads who would make excellent traders, salesmen but because they don’t realise these things exist they don’t harness there future towards it. Imagine if a city boy came into a school and had the cars, girls etc but did it the legal way! Then sitting in a freezing estate stairwell dealing with their gang hero may lose its sheen after they have heard about the city life in a warm office in Canary wharf.

"Some may scoff but these kids are highly intelligent a lot of the time. The anger is their frustration at being stuck in their environment for some – although inexcusable, so why shouldn’t they achieve. Or the famous “I want to be in music” without realising that people can actually be “Entertainment Lawyers” rather than simply making beats.

"Kids need to be exposed to a myriad of experiences and when they do well praise for it. If these kids never get praised for anything apart from your gang members? And what if they go home to a dad that WAS the class bully in his time.

"And yes youth centres, there needs to be more of. Funding needs to stop being cut and the hoops charities have to jump through to get funding can be immense. I applaud the Duke of Edinburgh scheme and think it should be compulsory. Doing youth work I have seen kids flourish via it.

"Overall we have the keys for the future generation but a shot bolt one size fits all prison mantra is not the way."

Liza Chantelle

Monday, 12 August 2013

Liverpool Tory Youth Chair' Slams Party 'Extremists' & 'Tory Takfirism'.

CITY OF LIVERPOOL Conservative Future (CF) Chairman, Aaron Ellis, has today launched a fierce attack on "extremist" and "isolationist" Tory Party members.

Ellis says a proportion of his time has been spent - "dealing with extremists" - he went on, "‘Extremist’ is a better descriptor than, say, ‘Thatcherite’ or ‘right-wing’ because all Conservatives are, to a greater or lesser extent, Thatcherite and right-wing."

"These people hold an extreme point-of-view – typically a combination of hard, unfeeling libertarianism at home and chauvinism abroad – and who accuse anyone that disagrees with them of not being truly conservative."

The article on the Tory Reform Group blog went on to sensationally claim - "Another lesson they draw is that being isolated from the mainstream is a prerequisite for gaining power. Thatcher was an ‘outsider’, yet she won the leadership from the Establishment ‘apostate’ Ted Heath. In this way, as with their takfirism, extremists resemble militant Islamists. They also believe isolation is a prerequisite for power; No compromise; no dissembling; and no courting of popular opinion."

The blazing article may cause a stir in certain Tory Party circles, some may say rightly so. The accusation of 'takfirism' comes from the term takfir, which is described to a Muslim when one declares another Muslim as impure.

Wikipedia says - "Takfiri generally refers to a Sunni Muslim who looks at the world in black-and-white; there are true believers and then there are nonbelievers, with no shades in between."

The City of Liverpool and Merseyside Chairman concluded by announcing - "Conservatism is a diverse political ideology, like any other; we all pick different strands from within it, and even some from outside it, and weave them together to form our own personal ideology. That’s how our Party has evolved and survived for so long."

Harassment Probe Councillor Accused of 'Inaccuracies'.

FORMER COUNCIL LEADER Tory Bob Lanzer was attacked over the weekend by old foe & colleague Cllr Karl Willamson for not painting a full picture and "inaccuracies" in his resignation statement, tbg can reveal.

Lanzer said last week - "Now that the police and party investigations against me have ended without any charges, cautions or suspensions respectively, this is the right time to stand down and allow the council to move forward under a new Leader." The Crawley councillor said he decided to step down after the police investigation "ended without any charges, cautions or suspensions".

The councillor neglected to mention that he and now ex-Tory Cllr Williamson had received a Police Information Notice (PIN), which means the accusations of harassment he faced by Williamson will stay on police record for referral if any complaints are made in future.

This has led to local headlines accusing Clr Lanzer of "misleading people".

A local Crawley resident has publicly stated - "He didn't mislead, he blatantly failed to tell the whole story to put himself in a better light but, hey, he is a Tory, so obviously the truth is a vague concept."

A local Conservative Party member told tbg - "Well isn't this turning into Bobgate."

Cllr Lanzer admitted in local press that it "would have been better" to mention the issuing of the PINs in his statement.

FLASHBACK 2010: CCHQ Censor CF Deputy Chair'.

2010 included many battles with CCHQ and the CF National Exec'

Deputy Chair' for membership Clare Hilley today announced how she plans to overhaul the CF membership system. CCHQ says Clare's ideas and dissection of the CF system is "too controversial" for publication on the Conservative Future website.

Conservative Future had a turnout of 1% in last months election. This is a huge failing, in part due to the way members join CF, which ultimately means CCHQ doesn't not have a full database of members. It is also the failing of Clare's predecessor. Clare says she plans on hitting 10% under her tenure in next years election.

Clare said: "(The) current system has been in place for over ten years now and it is quite simply inadequate and unsatisfactory and I believe that a radical overhaul is necessary".

After consulting members, Clare points out four reasons why she believes CF had such an appalling turnout:

1) CF members were not aware that there was a CF election
2) CF members who wanted to vote did not receive a ballot paper
3) CF members who received a ballot paper did not feel the election was relevant to them thus did not vote.
4) CF members were not aware that they were part of CF so thought that the ballot paper that they received was not intended for them

Clare believes that these problems can be overcome by having a centralised database with all of our members on as we will be able to send frequent updates about CF activity in their area.

Clare went on to say: "The majority of CF members tend to ignore CF elections as they feel that it is not relevant to them as they are not at university and are young professionals. In order to change their perception we need to build upon our relationships with outside organisations like City Future, CWF, TRG, The Bow Group, CWO and other Conservative and conservative leaning organisations to provide the training and opportunities that our CF members need."

Friday, 9 August 2013

TBG is Five Years Old.

Original Banner (2008)

TheBlueGuerilla has been sensationally revealing the inner workings of youth and senior politics for FIVE years.

This summer tbg will be re-posting some of the best and most controversial stories of its five year span. tbg began serving Conservative Party news on July 5th 2008 with a story on Boris Johnson and his LGBT credentials. tbg has since expanded its reach and audience to the Lib Dems and UKIP.

tbg would like to extend a massive thank you its readership old and new, now with over 3000 individual hits and tens of thousands of pageviews per day.

Described as "The Hello magazine for the thinking man/woman" and "A seedy down market tabloid", tbg hopes to continue to bring its somewhat different approach to political news, both serious and not so, all served up in the same manner for your entertainment.

The first flashback is from 14 July 2008 and one of tbg's earliest stories:

2008 FLASHBACK: Hallam in the Dock.

Newly elected Chair' of Cities of London and Westminster Conservative Future, Edward Hallam (pictured above at the CLWCF launch in Spring 2006), is having very serious accusations made against him today.

tBg just received this:

"Edward Hallam joined as a ‘support role’ and continued a sustained campaign of bullying, scheming and even at times lying to get people kicked of the committee.

The people he got sacked on the brutal path to power within the first three months (of CLWCF) were:

- Ben Heppenstall, social secretary (sacked by text and was so upset he moved to Liverpool!)
- Emily Clifton, Press secretary (sacked via text message)
- Rohan Mcculloch, events (Sacked via phone)
- Steven George, former vice-Chairman (Pushed out))".

Tory Bear reported yesterday on some paid up members of CLWCF not receiving ballot papers, or being alerted to CLWCF's AGM. tBg can confirm this story as fact.

tBg's source added:

"...Interesting how he (Hallam) has gone up the ranks don’t you think? I am a fully paid member and they have definitely not sent me a ballot paper or even notification that an AGM was coming up, this election is a cold calculated farce designed to get Hallam into Parliament."

UKIP Youth Wing on Conference Offensive.

ROB COMLEY'S UKIP YOUTH (YI) Brigade has gone on a conference offensive today sensationally labelling it - "One of the biggest events in the youth wing’s history" - With Chairman Rob Comley insisting members of the Labour Party and Conservatives will be in attendance.

The conference is set to be held on Thursday 19th September at The Old Session House, Farringdon. The UKIP Youth conference being held the day before the main conference kicks off in Westminster Hall.

Nigel Farage, Paul Nuttall and Godfrey Bloom have confirmed their attendance. Post conference attendees will gather back at the The Old Session house for a raucous YI Summer Ball.

YI Chairman Rob Comley told tbg - "This is looking to be a cracking event, I am really excited about the group of speakers we have planned, tickets have been in high demand and it’s good to see not just YI members attending, but members from Labour and the Conservatives coming along too and taking an interest in what we have to offer.

"Not only am I pleased to see them attending, but the uptake in people who are completely new and who have never been to a UKIP event before is also high, so I am looking forward to seeing a host of new faces at the event who are eager and looking to get more involved".

Tickets are available to anyone and both tickets to the Ball and the Conference can be purchased here -

Majority Approval for Cooper Among Tory Youth Members.

TORY YOUTH CHAIRMAN Oliver Cooper has a majority approval rating according to a recent poll of young Conservatives. 58% of those polled currently approve of the Conservative Future (CF) Chairman, with 34% against his performance thus far. This is in contrast to recent voices close to the CF National Executive whom say confidence is "waning" on the exec' for Chairman Cooper.

So long as Cooper is on the right side of membership it's presumed unlikely he'll be too fussed about National Executive views on his leadership.

Did you favorite candidate for National CF Chair win?

Yes: 40% - No: 36%

Don’t Know/ Did not answer: 24%

Opinion of Mr Cooper

Oliver is doing a great job: 26%

Oliver hasn’t had enough time to assert himself but I think he’ll do well: 31%

Oliver has done little to impress me so far: 22%

Oliver is doing a bad job: 12%

Don’t know: 7%


In favor: 58% - Against: 34%

Don’t Know/ Did not answer: 7% came out on top (67%) as the most read website among young Tories, followed the The BackBencher and London Spin respectively.

CF members' beliefs on the biggest issues for those aged 16-30 are whom are not affiliated with the Conservatives are:

Minimum Wage 57%

Gay Marriage 22%

For the Legalisation of Drugs 20%

On UKIP, those aged 16-30 seem split on how to deal with the 'threat':

UKIP serious threat, adopt more right wing approach: 22%

UKIP may be a threat, consider altering our position on some issues:30%

UKIP not a threat, maintain current position:32%

UKIP not at all threat, ignore them:10%

Don’t know: 4.4%

How likely are CF members to jump ship to UKIP?

I will be joining UKIP: 5% - Very likely: 7% - Likely: 8%

Unlikely: 15% - Very Unlikely: 16%

Never join UKIP: 47%

Don’t Know: 1%

For full breakdown of poll results visit Mo Metcalfe-Fisher's polling blog.

(Sample: 183 full responses)

Thursday, 8 August 2013

EXCLUSIVE: Daily Express Facebook Endorse UKIP.

TBG can sensationally reveal that Daily Express are a bit closer to UKIP today after having 'Liked' the UKIP Facebook page as well as posted a story on the UKIP feed.

Though tbg investigations reveal the main three political parties do not allow public postings, the Daily Express does not actually 'Like' any other political party on the social networking site. The furthest the Express go at 'Liking' another political page is the PM David Cameron.

It is presumed users of the social networking site 'Like' pages when they become fans of that particular cause, celebrity or organisation.

Could this be the prelude to UKIP's first big national newspaper endorsement?

Harassment Probe Tory Council Leader Quits.

CRAWLEY has had another shock political resignation today as Tory Council Leader Bob Lanzer has sensationally stepped down from his role, tbg can reveal.

Lanzer recently faced a Tory HQ and police probe over harassment accusations by council colleague, Karl Williamson, who has since quit the Tory Party and joined UKIP.

TBG revealed earlier this week a report by former Crawley Deputy & current Acting Tory Association Chairman about councillors conduct during a Full Council Meeting in Crawley. tbg can today exclusively reveal Lanzer's response to the controversial report made in April.

In emails seen by this website, Lanzer said - "In terms of comments about which councillors did and did not defend certain positions (e.g. spare room subsidy), there will only be a limited number of members who can because of time constraints. Not all members who indicate will be called.

"That said, there are members of the group who might appear not to have the capacity to make that kind of contribution.

"Everyone brings different strengths to the table whether it be campaigning, debate or an assiduous approach to ward and community work.

"I have worked with a number of Borough and District Conservative Groups in England through LGID (Local Government Improvement and Development) and they all have weaknesses just as we do, but we can always do better."

In a statement released this morning regards his resignation, Councillor Lanzer said: "Recent events may have distracted from the good work of the council, which is contrary to my purpose.

"These events of the past few months have caused me some stress and moved the focus from providing quality services for Crawley residents to disputes between individuals.

"Now that the police and party investigations against me have ended without any charges, cautions or suspensions respectively, this is the right time to stand down and allow the council to move forward under a new Leader."

UKIP Youth Drink Club Rules.

TBG can sensationally reveal YI, the youth wing of UKIP, drink club rules.

One source told tbg - "YI is just a drinking club. Even their drinking meet-ups have 'rules,' despite Comley's best efforts to be 'Libertarian'."

Another source said - "The first rule of drink club should always be, there are no rules."

Attend the event

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Former Lib Dem Lays Into Party as Tories Call Investigation a Stitch-Up.

A former supporter of the Portsmouth Liberal Democrats has today said that the problems as regards local MP Mike Hancock are far deeper than many think and that the party is now the problem rather than the person.

In a statement issued to tbg earlier today the anonymous former supporter says:

"I actually think the problem is far greater than Councillor Mike Hancock."

"It's more about Councillor Gerald Vernon-Jackson and the inner sanctum within Portsmouth City Council."

"I believe the Lib-Dems are seriously off the rails."

"They have been hijacked by a hard-core of sarcastic, cynical, sneering councillors who strut about the Council Chamber like the bullies they really are."

He accused his old colleagues of being "supercilious, unsympathetic, and semi-literate."

He concluded that - "The reconvening of the sub-committee beggars belief."

"Is delaying a decision already taken really Liberal Democrat democracy in action?"

A local Tory told tbg that the issue is "a clear stitch up" and says that "the majority Liberal Democrats on the investigation committee will already have agreed to defer the investigation."

"This scam would have been dreamed up by Mike's masonic buddies on the council who he personally brought in for specific instances like this to cover up for him, and immediately tripled their pay with our money, after they arrived."

"That the enormous fees of a QC will be wasted and have to be paid for by us taxpayers is irrelevant."

"This man is a disgrace and those helping and covering up for him are also a disgrace."

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

EXCLUSIVE: Tory Councillors Slammed by Party Chairmen in Leaked Report.

TBG can today publish a leaked "highly confidential" and sensationally damning report by Acting Crawley Tory Chairman George O'Keefe, whom this week quit his role as Deputy Chairman of the troubled Crawley Association and Former Crawley Tory Chairman turned UKIP'er Lee Gilroy.

This report is very damming and highly controversial as it seems every Tory councillor present felt the wrath of O'Keefe's analysis, even down to the clothes on their back when Community Engagement Officer for Crawley, Cllr Nigel Boxall, was sensationally slammed in the report for not wearing a tie. "He was not wearing a tie, and his collar was not within his suit jacket" - stated the report.

Boxall was allegedly sacked just weeks after the report, but tbg understands he is now back in the cabinet. Probably after a trip to the Tie Rack.

The report also slammed various councillors for reading a paper during debates, coming across "rather aggressive", looking "extremely bored", zero oral contributions and a lack of support for Tory 'bedroom tax' policy.

The leaked report concludes that - "On the whole the Crawley Conservative Association found the performance of the majority of Conservative Members unsatisfactory."

The author of the report, George O'Keefe, quit his role as Crawley Conservative Deputy Chairman just this week stating that - "I feel that given the troubles that the Association has experienced over the last few months it is only right that a Executive Officer Team should be able to lead us forward in their own way and electing a wholly new team is the best way for this to happen."

LEAKED - Full Council Report - Crawley Conservatives

Monday, 5 August 2013

EXCLUSIVE: National Executive Confidence in Tory Youth Leader at Rock Bottom.

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) sources close to the National Executive have revealed that confidence in the Tory Youth Chairman's leadership is at it's lowest point since elections earlier this year, tbg can reveal.

Apparently the majority of the national executive including figures such as Rob Manning, Sarah-jane Sewell, Ben Corbridge, Matthew Robinson and James Morton are believed to hold the opinion that - "confidence is waning in Oliver Cooper's leadership".

One source sensationally revealed to tbg - "Cooper was given the benefit of the doubt from the outset, however his correspondence with National Executive members is virtually non existent, failing to consult his colleagues on any of his movements as Chairman."

Another source also confirmed that - "At least 4 Regional Chairman have lost confidence in Oliver Cooper's leadership."

Red Ed Miliband is a Complete Failure.

I wholeheartedly agree with most of my fellow political journalists in saying that Red Ed Miliband is such a comfort for David Cameron.

Do Labour really think that the public are ever going to take seriously a man who has turned his back on his country so much, that, even in opposition, he has gone on holiday with his family to the South of France to try and escape the pressures of being a Leader of the Opposition yet has not taken a phone or laptop with him and can only even be reached by his closest aides through his wife?

Red Ed Miliband is a complete failure and its about time people woke up and realised what they would be letting themselves in for if he were ever to become Prime Minister.

What we have in Red Ed Miliband is a man paid for and elected by the trades unions, who, even in opposition, is returning the favours.

This is proved by the fact that all but one of his top candidates for next year's European Elections has links to Unite.

And Chuka Umunna is no better either.

Only last weekend it was exposed that Chuka Umunna too has been caught in a row over union donations of £47,000 whilst at the same time voting in line with the wishes of Unite and others.

The same Chuka Umunna who was seen on his high horse recently talking to The Times CEO African Summit about how terribly unfair private schools even though Chuka himself was deputy head boy of the £4,700-a-term Independent Day School at St Dunstan’s College.

If this is how Labour behave in opposition under Red Ed and Chuka then goodness only knows what they would be like in Government again.

Even when Red Ed Miliband had the chance to distance himself from the unions recently with his big set piece speech, all he did in reality minus the spin, was kick the issue into the long grass by setting up a commission.

Yet after further analysis I recently found out that even this much hyped commission is to be led by Ray Collins who himself used to be, wait for it, Unite's Assistant General Secretary!

All I can say is once a Red Ed and for that matter once a Red Chuka, always a Red Ed and always a Red Chuka, because both these men and their party never seem to change.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Labour Councillor to be Investigated Over Assault.

A leading Labour Councillor is today under investigation for assault, tbg can reveal.

Richard Farnell, the former head of Liverpool Council’s press office, who has been absent from work due to ill health since the summer of 2012 is alleged to have both verbally and physically assaulted a 42 year old man out walking his dog at Balderstone Park in Rochdale this morning.

It's alleged that Councillor Farnell sensationally verbally assaulted the man saying that he looked a "fucking mess" before pushing him and accusing him of owning a dangerous dog.

However, the dog called Boris has no history.

The man, who is a close source to tbg, is said to have responded in self-defence by pushing Mr Farnell to the ground.

Ironically, Farnell, who drives around in a silver Jaguar with a personalised number plate and allegedly uses a Disabled Bay without a Badge, is trying to press charges for assault too.

A man has tonight made a complaint as regards Mr Farnell to Greater Manchester Police.

Committee to Decide Future of Hancock.

The committee at Portsmouth City Council looking into the extravagances of local MP Mike Hancock will meet on August 15th to decide whether to proceed or put matters on hold until the conclusion of a High Court case.

Hancock is being sued in a civil action by a female constituent over allegations of sexual assault and has confirmed that even though he is the focus of attention, he will not be attending the meeting.

The Portsmouth South MP told the Portsmouth News:

"I have done everything the court has asked me to do."

"My barrister made it quite clear it would not be in my best interests to do this – so I requested it."

"I had hoped this would have been cleared away by now."

"It’s now up to members to make that decision."

One person unhappy with the decision is local Tory Luke Stubbs.

Luke told tbg:

"A decision was taken some months ago that there is a case to answer and it’s extraordinary to be talking of reversing it now."

"The civil action is not new and if that is the basis for his request then perhaps he should have made those points back in March."

"The taxpayer is paying for a QC to carry out this investigation so it would be a huge waste of money to start again."

"The enquiries should all be wrapped up and if there is a genuine legal reason why the case can’t be concluded now then the evidence and report could be kept secret until a later date."

"If Mike Hancock chooses not to co-operate and submit a defence, then that is a matter for him, but the case can still proceed without him."

Friday, 2 August 2013

Royal Mail Need to Gain Access to Private Capital.

So, Royal Mail staff in the left wing and Labour supporting Communication Workers Union plan to go on strike and try and block attempts to privatise the service.

If this doesn't underline how completely out-of-touch with business they and their leader Dave Ward are then nothing will.

As I have always argued, Royal Mail need to get in the real world and move into the 21st Century when it comes to running a business.

Royal Mail desperately need to gain access to private capital in order to grow and compete with the rest of the mail industry.

Even Labour's own Lord Mandelson agreed with that.

The fact that the company ran up such a huge pension deficit is testament to that.

The boom in internet shopping means parcel delivery is far more important to Royal Mail's business than the delivery of letters which is shrinking due to latest I.T technology. and if Royal Mail is to compete with the likes of TNT and UK Mail then it needs to embrace change and get in the real world.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

EXCLUSIVE: Former Tory Council Candidate in 'Intellectual Property' row with MP.

CRAWLEY TORY SAGA continues today and has taken a new turn after it emerged that the "main cheerleader" for 'Landslide No Confidence' former Chairman Lee Gilroy and Deputy Karl Williamson, who both defected to UKIP on Monday, had forwarded sensational emails to every councillor at Crawley Council on Tuesday evening, tbg can exclusively reveal.

The unsuccessful Conservative Candidate in Broadfield North in 2012 has caused uproar sensationally claiming that both Crawley MP Henry Smith and Crawley Council Leader Bob Lanzer, had stolen the 'intellectual property' of his business plan to fix the Country.

A tbg source exclusively reveals - "He is still a Tory Party member who has become peed off with the association because of the corruption and Henry stealing his business ideas. The health tourism bill were his ideas and never got any credit in the chamber."

In leaked emails to the wife of Crawley Tory MP Henry Smith, the former candidate says - "Since 2010 I have been slowly working with Henry on a national business plan which is endorsed by No.10". In another email to her he wrote - "Ask Henry about a letter from No.10 from [name redacted] via the PM telling me to continue working with Henry who will brief the PM on progress."

When repeatedly politely asked by Henry Smith's wife to stop making extraordinary claims of working with and representing the Crawley MP, the Tory member replied to her by writing - "If your telling everyone I'm not working with him your the obstacle to progress."

Mrs Smith's response to this was - "I saw the letter, We've spoken to No.10. Frankly they called us and Henry asked them to be civil about it, that you meant well etc." It is believed that many MPs and the PM frequently receive letters from the outspoken former council candidate about his hand written business plan that will "fix the Country".

Another tbg local source said - "No one is surprised by such claims and has also been contacting major international companies in Crawley falsely claiming to represent the MP. Lets hope he follows his friends Lee Gilroy and Karl Williamson in defecting to UKIP. He would fit in perfectly in UKIP and be with like-minded people."

The former Conservative Candidate in Broadfield is believed to be no longer on the Conservative's candidate list and it is suspected his close friendship with both Tory turncoats Lee Gilroy and Karl Williamson was what enabled him to be a candidate for Crawley Council last year.

Britain is now Sending a net £1 Billion a Month to E.U.

The Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan is absolutely right to voice his concern at Britain's latest net contribution figures to the E.U.

The fact of the matter is that in austere times Britain is now sending a net £1 Billion a month to the E.U. and this does not amount to value for money.

It is an expensive club and the very least we should re-negotiate this outrageous waste of public money.

When a country or an individual joins a club they expect at least something in return.

Yet all Britain gets from the E.U. is more meddling and more bureaucracy than ever before with latest figures showing that Commissioners in Brussels now dictate 75% of our laws, none can be repealed by our own British Parliament, including control over Immigration, Business and Employment, Financial Services, Fishing, Farming, Law and Order, Energy and Trade.

It's not just the need for a re-negotiation of Britain's membership that we need but also a referendum to give the British people the chance to pull out of this crypto-communist regime once and for all and as soon as possible.

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