[WATCH] MP's Office Agrees Alleged Abuse Victim Should 'Get Over It'.

Mike Hancock MP Office, Portsmouth South

Video transcript supplied by creator Les Cummings:

Cummings: "Did you get one of those did you? (I am showing leaflets being delivered throughout Portsmouth by the Tories) They’re putting them out all over Southsea. Why have got on the web site the Lib Dem emblem it shouldn’t be on there? It should be taken off he’s not a Lib Dem anymore. There’s a Lib Dem emblem on there, why isn’t it taken off?"

(The man seen in the picture is Michael Andrewes who works for Mike Hancock MP and is also a PCC councillor. He ignores my questions)

Collis: (who works as Hancock’s secretary) "Oh get a life!"

Cummings: "What?"

Collis: "Get a life."

Cummings: "Portsmouth City Council took my life away by permitting me to be raped as a child and when Mike Hancock was offered the opportunity to help me - he told me to get over it."

Collis: "That’s what you should do."

Cummings: "You’ve obviously never been a victim. For your information I’ve recorded that and I’m going to let the people of Portsmouth know exactly what you feel about victims of child abuse. That’s your opinion in this Hancock office. Get over it, get over it."

Collis: "That’s not his view."

Cummings: "That’s what you said - get over it, get over it."