UKIP set to Face Harassment & Defamation Legal Action.


UKIP COUNCILLORS in Rutland are sensationally set to face legal action over harassment and defamation of the Council's Chief Executive, tbg can reveal.

Accusations by 3 UKIP councillors apparently supported by the national political party will now lead to legal action according to a report dated 29th July 2013 - which is online and tbg has uploaded it to Scribd.

The allegations made by the three councillors on their website, "are seriously defamatory of officers responsible for the leadership of Rutland County Council", according to the report.

A UKIP statement on their website references to, "suspect planning approvals and the squandering of millions of pounds of grant funding". It also states a "growing suspicion and concern of serious fraud and corruption", and "the current misuse and misappropriation of public money is an utter disgrace".

Rutland Council say - "The statement suggests that the Chief Executive and other senior officers are guilty of serious fraud and corruption of a criminal nature, and that those officers are engaged in an unlawful cover up. They gain credence by being included in a press release issued by a national political party."

The three councillors now say they are the ones that are being harassed but Rutland Council have sent a further letter stating that this is not accepted and are requiring UKIP to:

  • Remove the article dated 20th June 2013 containing defamatory statements from their website.
  • Refrain from making further defamatory statements or allegations.
  • Provide a full and unequivocal retraction and apology to the Chief Executive and Senior Officers.

A response had apparently been requested by Wednesday 24th July 2013.