UKIP Press Officer Wants to Purge Party of Libertarians.

Press Officer for Friends of Israel (FOI) in UKIP has sensationally expressed his desire to "Purge" UKIP of it's libertarians and send them over to the Tories.

The comments came as Tory Youth Chairman Oliver Cooper poked fun at the UKIP Youth Wing's mass exodus of liberals, which influential UKIP'er and FOI in UKIP Press Officer, Mr Campbell, said - "The de-RonPaulification of Young Independence is far from over, I'm afraid. But we're working on it [sic]."

Mr Campbell went on - "I propose a trade. Our libertarians for your social conservatives. Everybody wins."

Tory Youth Chairman Cooper responded - "I propose a counter-offer: your libertarians for our thanks."

Campbell said the deal was - "Tempting".