Tory Youth Deputy Slams 'Cold Hearted, Ignorant, Arrogant Sexism' from 'Sex Deprived Young Men'.

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) NATIONAL Deputy Chairman for Membership Sarah-Jane Sewell has given a revealing insight into the sexist battles she has encountered in the Tory Youth movement today.

Sewell dramatically revealed she was told - "Why are you involved, women don’t belong in positions of power", and manipulation efforts receiving outrageous messages such as - "Why won’t you just do as I say you silly girl".

The Tory Youth National Deputy sensationally claims so many women are put off getting involved due to "cold hearted ignorant arrogant sexism" and the "unsolicited hounding from sex deprived young men".

Sarah-Jane Sewell does also disclose that more females are getting involved in the Tory Party thanks to the spectacular work from the Conservative Future Woman's Organisation and she is - "Ecstatic about this, with Conservative Woman's Organisation having held fantastic training and networking events with more planned."

The comments were made on the Deputy Chairman's blog today to which she concluded - "From now on when a guy is less than kind I won’t get angry with him, I shall pity him, for being so small minded with ignorant arrogance."