Tory Youth National Chairman Praises CF's James Wharton EU Referendum Bill.

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) National Chairman Oliver Cooper has today praised James Wharton MP & CF member for his "historic" EU Referendum Bill which is currently being debated, then put to a vote in the House of Commons.

Cooper said - "Conservative Future is proud that CF member James Wharton today introduced an historic bill to give Britons a say on the European Union for the first time since 1975.

"The United Kingdom’s relationship with the EU is an issue that will affect our country for generations to come, and it’s fitting that it’s a Conservative Future member that is paving the way for Britons to decide our future."

Wharton, 29, says - "People deserve to have a say on our relationship with Europe."

"It has changed out of all recognition from the European community we joined in 1975 but it it isn't the single biggest issue, it is one of a number of significant issues."

James said in a recent speech - "We are the servants of the people, not their masters", a phrase rarely coined in politics today but the CF National Chairman says - "This is the core Conservative belief and only the Conservatives are voting today and standing in 2015 to make that a reality. I’m proud that it’s a Conservative Future member that’s making the British people masters of our own futures."

UPDATE: Bill passes to a second reading by 304 - 0. Labour and Lib Dems abstain.