Tory Youth Chairman in PR Disaster as he Attacks TBG a 'UKIP Supporter'.

CHAIRMAN OF CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) has today launched a scathing attack on tbg sensationally labelling the leading political website a supporter of UKIP and a "destructive force - allowing CF to implode".

This comes just a week after tbg approached Oliver Cooper, again, for positive information about CF and his work as Chairman. tbg was ignored.

Rob Comley turned up the heat on CF Chairman Oliver Cooper last week with YI claims of probable CF defections to UKIP. Apparently reporting such public talk of defections means that publication is a UKIP supporting one, according to the CF Chairman.

The malicious & naive comments came on Milton Spies, who later ran tbg's response to the bumbling smear by the CF Chairman.

The article on the Backbencher has also given UKIP Youth Leader Rob Comley even more a spring in his step for the coming week. 

One CF'er told tbg - "Oliver Cooper should concentrate on politics and Leading his youth movement instead of attempting to smear journalists."

tbg is a news & gossip source for many people from many persuasions up and down the country on various areas of politics. Just this past Friday its article was published in the Daily Star about randy Lib Dems banning sex for example. It also had an investigation into Universal Credit as promoted on the Guido Fawkes website last week.

tbg does so happen to report on CF too and are proud to serve this area of British political life.

Contrary to Cooper's outburst, tbg editorials are Tory leaning in its outright support for the Prime Minister, Chancellor and backing of strong candidates for CF positions in the past - but theblueguerilla is an independent website not affiliated with any political parties or persons . It's called a free press - something the CF Chairman is actually used to.

tbg can reveal other CF'ers also publicly aired their views today: