Tory HQ Breaks Silence on Crawley Conservatives' 'Ongoing Problems'.

TBG can reveal that Conservative Campaign HQ (CCHQ) have broken their silence today on the ongoing troubles in Crawley.

In a statement to tbg a CCHQ spokesperson said:

"We are aware of the ongoing problems in Crawley and the Local Area Committee is offering help and advice as regards the situation."

This statement comes as tbg has learned from sources that Crawley Borough Council Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Planning and Economic Development, Tory Cllr Claire Denman, has apparently sold her house in Crawley and is moving to Poole Borough Pulborough. Denman can still continue to be a Councillor though because she allegedly owns a second home in Crawley which is rented.

One Crawley resident told tbg - "How can she look after and ensure Crawley's redevelopment is as good as it can be when she will be living some 120 miles away from Crawley?"