Theresa May Deserves all the Credit on Qatada.

Home Secretary Theresa May deserves all the credit and pats on the back in the world for landing the deal that finally got cleric Abu Qatada booted out of Britain.

I've always said that the biggest problem facing the coalition was the Lib Dems opposition to a British Bill of Rights, the E.U Referendum and quitting the European Convention on Human Rights and this proves it.

Britain should never have allowed this issue to drag on as long as it did.

Seeing Qatada say his final goodbyes made my year.

Now all Theresa May needs to do is put the British Bill of Rights, pulling out of the European Convention on Human Rights and an E.U. Referendum at the heart of the Tories manifesto at the next election then we can boot the rest of the hate preachers out of Britain too.