'The Only way the British People are Going to get an EU Referendum is by Voting Conservative'.

So, at long last we have finally seen some concrete evidence to convince the public that despite years of promises and denials from the Leaders of all three main parties we are going to get an in or out referendum on the European Union.

This is something I have been fighting for ever since I was a wee little Young Conservatives Secretary in Sir Peter Tapsell's old constituency of East Lindsey.

Even back then in 1987 when I used to read former Conservative and now Liberal Democrat M.E.P. Bill Newton Dunn's quarterly newsletter calling for ever closer integration and kick up a good old stink my local Chairman of what was then known as the Conservative Political Centre used to always say to me "this is just a fantasy Geoffrey - it will never happen!"

Incidentally, the man who gave me that quote was a chap by the name of John Cowpe who now happens to be the Chairman of the Conservative Party in Boston and Skegness where last May his party got wallopped by Ukip.

Well, it has happened and as a direct result of that closer integration and all the bureaucracy and turmoil that came with it we have seen the deepest recession since the Second World War, our own laws such as those governing our once great fishing industry fall foul to Brussels, and even today remain the subject of the most interfering, bureaucratic, and most of all, undemocratic and crypto-communist organisation ever created in my lifetime.

What was supposed to be a Common Market promoting trade and close co-operation has turned into nothing but sheer socialist dik-tat.

And still not a single person who has paid all of their taxes all of their lives and is in their ageing forties has ever had a say.

Tony Blair promised us a referendum in 2005 but backed down.

Nick Clegg did the same a few years later and remains a road block to reform.

Yet finally, and having spoken to David Cameron personally about this by e mail and Facebook only last week, I believe, convincingly, the Time has Come.

Yes, people may well say I'm a bit like one of those yanks who jumps ship all of the time, but I now do believe that even after spending all of nine weeks in the U.K Independence Party, the only way the British people are going to get a say at the next election on the E.U. is by voting Conservative.

And if that means doing deals with Nigel Farage so as to keep Labour out then so be it because at the end of the day this is not just a matter of trust but it is history in the making, the dawn of a new era, and most of all, the chance for the British people to give our country the fresh start it needs and believe me, the only Leader who can make that change is the man who I got the most categorical of assurances from recently - David Cameron.