Strengthening Case for Full Scale Privatisation of the BBC.

The news that the BBC wasted £350 million recently on pay-offs for departing managers, a failed digital media initiative, the Pollard Review into Jimmy Saville, relocation and travel to Salford, not forgetting the huge amount spent on London hotels during the 2012 Olympics, in my opinion strengthens the case even more for a full scale privatisation of the BBC.

No private sector company would ever be allowed to get away with such madness and licence fee payers have a right to be outraged because it is their money that is being wasted.

The BBC has gone from a once highly respected Corporation to little more than a joke and the licence fee has become nothing more than a stealth tax.

In my opinion in a democracy and a digital era people deserve choice so if they don't want to watch the BBC then they shouldn't have to pay for it and that is exactly why when the BBC Charter is next reviewed in 2016, the case should be made for selling off the corporation.

The likes of Sky and ITV have to compete internationally and so should the BBC.