Shock as Nottingham Trent Tory Youth Chairman Quits.

SHOCKWAVES have been felt across the UK today as popular Nottingham Trent University Conservative Future (CF) Chairman, Amy Atkinson, sensationally quit her role as head chief of the branch.

Atkinson says she has been thinking about dumping the role for "a couple of months", unbeknownst to her loyal following.

The now former Tory Youth branch chair' has taken an important and mature decision to concentrate on her final year of studies and not be bogged down with "stresses" of running a CF branch.

In a written statement Amy said - "My time at NTU CF has been a great one and despite all of the stresses that come with it, it has been one of the best things I have done in my life."

"I am not usually a leader type of person and I was really throwing myself into the deep end"
- she added.