Sexism in CF: 'Victim of the Biggest Crime in History'.

By Matt Wilson - @wilson_matty

"Everywhere I go, whether it's Facebook, Twitter or reading TheBlueGuerilla, I see female CF members who are an asset to CF and in my opinion some of them could make an excellent National Chairman. They are intelligent, strong and capable to be the future of the party and whatever criticism comes their way, they just quash it.

"Then you get the other female CF members who make issues out of nothing, think they are all high and mighty then they actually are and quite frankly if they are not on the newsfeeds of other CF members, they make sure that they are. Don’t get me wrong, male CF members are the exact same so I am not solely blaming this one on gender.

"The thing that does get me is the way they take criticism. They don't hit back with intelligent arguments, no, they take the easy route out and call the critic a “sexist” and that they are just criticising her because she is a female.

"Now, I admit that some things that have been said are sexist and shouldn't have been said but the way some girls have dealt with it has been stupid. Instead of talking to the person and saying, 'look I find what you said offensive' and allowing the person to apologise, they just take to Twitter, Facebook or their blog and pretend that they have been the victim of the biggest crime in history.

"They could be unaware that the reason they are being criticised is not because one is a woman and it's part of some misogynistic plan to get rid of all woman in CF. It could be the fact that she could be useless at her role and not fulfilling the duties she should be doing. If you are clever enough you could guess the person I am referring to.

"When Danielle Fleet got told to “stop moaning and behave like a typical young conservative female”, I still don’t have any idea of what a typical conservative female looks like, or if one even exists. All because she had problems with a removal van, which I hope she has resolved now, but she didn't lash out on Twitter or a blog; she resolved it there, without her going on the internet.

"But this other woman I refer to doesn't like resolving things in private because she finds that the attention isn't on her. She makes a blog post about situations that happened years ago and talked about how the elections were all about looks and not politics, consider that she is the only female candidate to come out publicly saying that. Then she goes on to say that more women need to verbally “slap males in the face” which I see it as verbally abusing men, I don't think that will resolve anything.

"I am sorry for any female members who are strong and more capable than this woman I speak about but yet isn't getting the push and the encouragement, because some members are dominating and quite frankly they're embarrassing."