'New Wave of Immigration Would be Total Madness'.

I fully agree with the view that a "New wave of immigration would be total madness". (Express Comment on Thursday July 18th 2013 page 14).

The fact that the 'Official Financial Forecaster' at the Office for Budget Responsibility is making the outrageous claim that Ageing Britain 'needs an extra 7 million immigrants' simply underlines what a mess the last Labour Government left behind thanks to a combination of an open door migration policy that saw unskilled people arrive to live off the state and our own young and potentially talented individuals on low incomes trapped in an era welfare dependency.

If this forecaster says that the alternative is am extra £19 Billion in spending cuts then I say get on with it and do it by introducing a rigerous system of means testing and by privatising profitable government owned businesses such as the Royal Mail and the BBC.

More migrants would simply create more burden which would ultimately mean poorer services for everyone in terms of available affordable housing, high quality education, the NHS and community relations.

Under current policy we are already seeing net migration down to the tens of thousands – rather than the hundreds of thousands we saw under Labour, a reformed student visa system, and a change in family visa rules which has in itself helped bring about an overall fall in unemployment and helped the private sector boost the jobs market.

So I have to ask, if a policy is working, why change it?