New Lib Dem Youth Chair' Cracks Down on Democracy.

LIBERAL DEMOCRATS new Youth Leader Sarah Harding is allegedly planning to scrap the youth movements democratically elected campaigns in replacement for National Party HQ messages, tbg can reveal.

Former Co Chair's Sam Fisk and Kavya Kaushik apparently had a membership survey to democratically choose which campaigns the activists would take to task for the forthcoming year, over a month ago.

A Lib Dem Youth Wing source revealed to tbg that in the new Chair' Sarah Harding's first (leaked) email she has detailed plans to sensationally - "scrap the democratically chosen campaign's for the centrally controlled campaign of 'A Million Jobs' - which comes from National Lib Dem Party HQ".

According to sources the new Liberal Youth Leader is "part of an old clique" and is set to have a rough ride on the new national executive.

One member on Twitter proclaimed - "Day one and the new Liberal Youth Exec' is already pushing dodgy central Party messages."

Harding has been trying to reassure members that the email was just vague and light on information, as certain campaigns were not mentioned. But Lib Dem activists have already been tweeting their dissatisfaction with Chairman Harding's first big decision: