Neville Slams Abandoning Principles as UKIP Activist Admits to Playing Politics for Popularity.

SACKED UKIP YOUTH CHAIRMAN Olly Neville has slammed UKIP and praised the Conservatives for allowing a much broader base of thought and difference of opinions regards party policy, tbg can reveal.

In a social network exchange Conservative Youth Chairman Oliver Cooper called it "#TeamFreedom", former Liberal Youth (LY) Chair' Kavya Kaushik said she was willing to organise a leadership coup in LY if Olly Neville joined the Lib Dems. However, UKIP/YI members still seem not so keen to allow freedom of thought if it's different to UKIP's ever increasing authoritarian right-wing agenda.

The former UKIP Youth Chairman said that UKIP have gone from being radical to "hedging their bets" - to which one influential UKIP activist sensationally replied - "Or in short words, being more focused on popular opinion. It's Party politics, it's completely inevitable. Democracy for you!"

With the government coalition seemingly extending to it's youth wings, YI, the UKIP Youth Wing, whom has just released it's new logo, seem increasingly lost and sidelined from the rigors of youthful, free thinking political debate, through fear of dismissal.

Neville added - "With central control and policy changes I'm not sure who YI appeals. CF had a very successful election and LY is probably the most credible part of the Lib Dems, both youth wings doing well".