Labour Dis-United.

Hot on the heels of Red Ed Miliband's P.A. leaving his union briefing notes in the Gents yesterday comes more bad news for the Labour Leader today.

TBG can today confirm that having already stitched up the contest for Labour Candidate in Peterborough much to the delight of local MP Stewart Jackson, the left wing union now has its sights on up to 40 other marginal seats including Hastings, Norwich South and Falkirk.

An INTERNAL document drawn up by Unite's former political director Steve Hart and leaked to tbg reads:

"Our political department is working on assisting in a large and growing number of selections."

"Its candidate has already been selected in eight seats, with contests still to be held in another 25."

"The work of the political department and the union regionally is a bit like a swan below the water."

The news comes on the same day that the Blairite Shadow Defence Secretary, Jim Murphy, accused the union of over-stepping the mark.

Union Target Seats - Unite National Political Committee Report