IDS Defends Maximum Benefit Changes.

On the same day that a poll by Ipsos Mori showed that 74% of people agree with the new benefits cap, 59% think the government should do more to cut the benefits bill and 50% still think the benefits system is too generous Ian Duncan Smith has told tbg that the changes are here to stay.

In an exclusive interview with tbg Mr Duncan Smith said:

"Returning fairness to the welfare state in this country is long overdue."

"We will always be there to support those who need help but the days of blank cheque benefits are over and the benefits cap is a key part of this."

"We need to return to fairness to the system so that it no longer traps people in a cycle of dependency, but fairness too for hard-working taxpayers who fund it."

"The findings show the British public are fully behind us on this so we are ensuring that it's there as a safety net for those who need it but that no-one can milk it."