Hancock Wants Council Investigation put on Hold.

It's been revealed that the dodgy Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock wants his Portsmouth City Council investigation put on hold until after his pending High Court case.

Hancock is being sued in a High Court civil action by a female constituent who contacted him for help over a neighbour dispute.

In a statement issued to tbg this morning Portsmouth City Council's Solicitor, Michael Lawther, said:

"Councillor Hancock has indicated that he does not wish to participate in the council investigation until High Court proceedings taken against him by the complainant have been concluded.

"I am reporting back to the council sub-committee that authorised the investigation and asking them for further instructions.

"We will arrange a sub-committee meeting at the earliest possible opportunity, hopefully in a matter of weeks, so the matter can be discussed."

Is MP Mike Hancock trying to avoid perjuring himself?

It's not the first time Hancock has tried the dodgy escape route.

UPDATE: A former lib Dem Councillor has just told tbg:

"The council are legally obliged to suspend him until the outcome is known."

"The council employs him not the other way round."

"When the High Court set the date he cannot say I want it changed which is what he doing with PCC."

"If Gerald Vernon Jackson wants to earn a few 'brownie' points for his ailing party he should suspend him now."

Another former Lib Dem who has since defected to Ukip said:

"I'm at a total loss to understand what's going on."

"Hancock stands accused of behaving inappropriately with a vulnerable adult."

"The sub-committee comprising of two of his colleagues and an opposition councillor were asked to consider after a deputation by both parties if they believed there was a case to carry forward?"

"They decided that there was."

"Nigel Pascoe Q.C. was appointed to carry out an independent investigation some months ago?"

"Hancock after all this time has decided he is unwilling to cooperate."

"In civil actions if you fail to defend yourself against accusation the judge will rule against you and ostensibly you are found guilty?"

"Surely now in view of his non-co-operation Councillor Hancock should be suspended from office immediately?"

"Can PCC risk really having an alleged abuser in a position of power?"

Gerald appears to be caught between a rock and a hard place."

"He does not want to openly criticise Mike, because he is a fellow LibDem, but does not want to be closely associated with him, as it may be held against him when he stands as the LibDem candidate for Portsmouth South at the next General Election because Mike has retired 'on the grounds of ill health."

"Mike's behaviour displays, yet again, his - a supreme arrogance and indifference for local democracy.'