Guest Post: New Research Suggests 3 in 5 Know how it Feels to be Truly Skint.

"Being skint can be an awful feeling - and it can leave you in a very difficult situation if you find yourself with bills or other important expenses you need to cover, but can't.

"So it's worrying that new research from Debt Advisory Centre found that around three in five of us have been truly penniless at some point in the past. That's the equivalent of 30 million people in the UK. 10 million still find themselves skint 'from time to time' or 'regularly'.

"And when we say skint, we mean they have no money in their purse, wallet or bank account - and no way of accessing other money.

"There are so many different reasons why someone might find themselves without any money. In our research, 31% said they'd been skint because their income is only just enough to live on - perhaps due to the rising costs of living and frozen wages. In any case, it's worrying to see that a large proportion of people are only just getting by with what they have. 11% had run out of cash because they'd lost their job altogether.

"Sometimes, however, being 'skint' can just be a bit of an unexpected blip. Other reasons given for running out of money included receiving unexpected bills and other expenses (16%) and overspending (15%). These can be much more temporary setbacks that can be overcome with a bit of forward planning.

"11% said they were penniless because of trying to keep up with their debt payments - something that the right kind of debt help can often help people overcome."