Fury as Hunter-Clarke Insists he Knew Nothing of UKIP Demotion.

UPROAR at UKIP in Lincolnshire today after it emerged that Skegness South County Councillor Robin Hunter Clarke was demoted without so much as being informed.

In an interview with his local paper, the Skegness Standard Robin says that he - "Can’t comment at the minute as an investigation is on-going" but said he "can say" that he "has not been removed as Deputy Leader and neither has Victoria Ayling."

So, what is going on?

Hunter-Clarke has also insisted that he has not re-joined the Conservative Party calling the rumours sweeping the Internet ‘complete and utter rubbish’.

tbg can also confirm that Chris Pain has since confirmed that Cllr Colin Mair is now the only Deputy Leader.

In a statement issued this afternoon Cllr Pain said:

"I have confirmed Colin Mair as Deputy Leader, he will be a good deputy leader and will push the group forward but I make no further comments about Robin or Victoria - there’s no issue with either of those councillors."

Both tbg and the Standard Group are awaiting a response from Victoria who was Conservative Candidate for Great Grimsby in the 2010 General Election.