EXCLUSIVE: Young Tory in Secret UKIP Defection Meeting Rumour.

Jasmine Rahman's site changed over-night

TBG has today received several sensational anonymous messages revealing details of a secret YI dinner last night between UKIP Youth Leader Rob Comley and a potential "well known" Tory defector from Conservative Future. Comley seemed to confirm this today.

A UKIP source on the YI executive told tbg that the two young Tories in talks have indeed been reported by theblueguerilla.

For obvious reasons ruling out the CF National Chairman from such treacherous behaviour, that would only leave defeated candidate for National Deputy Chairman Jasmine Rahman and the Wales Chairman Mr Harries. Mr Harries has categorically denied to tbg he is defecting and we believe him.

The tbg anonymous source seemed to be correct about there being a secret defection dinner, so tbg will exclusively publish a snippet out of the several messages we received - "Jasmine is definitely defecting. Spoke to her tonight at a YI dinner with Comley. It's happening and it's true!"

The defection of Jasmine Rahman to UKIP has not been denied by herself, it has however been denied by UKIP Youth Chairman Rob Comley.

Could there be a ruse by someone somewhere to smear CF members' name's such as Jasmine Rahman? Is Rahman's website a big defection signal? Or is that a ruse, or just coincidence?

When questioned further about a secret defection meeting with Miss Rahman last night, Rob Comley tweeted:

This seems odd. tbg was then sensationally threatened with legal action by the UKIP Youth Chairman Rob Comley if we published this story.