EXCLUSIVE: 'We Need a Referendum to Abolish the National Exec' & Decentralise Conservative Future'.

My Ideal Conservative Future Chairman Candidate - By Matthew Wilson

Ever since coming into the Blue side of politics from Labour, I have just been astonished by how much better and active Conservative Future (CF) are, but then again after experiencing Young Labour I think the protesters in Egypt do a better job at organisation then they do. Conservative Future is a good hub for young members to be actively campaigning and to debate, that is all.

See, youth politics should be all about campaigning to get that majority in 2015 and also question how they, the next generation of politicians, can make even better politicians than today’s through debating issues and policies and even sometimes becoming more radical and a blue sky thinker. So why do we need a National Executive for that?

Don’t get me wrong, Oliver Cooper & Co are good people and I don’t knock them being the possible future of the Conservative Party but I fail to see the actual use of National Exec’ when all we do is campaign and debate.

So back to the title, my ideal Conservative Future Chairman candidate would be one that offered a referendum to abolish the National Exec’ and transfer all their power (if they have any) to the Regional Chairman’s and their exec’. A couple of months ago in the CF campaign trail; we heard promises about decentralising Conservative. What bigger way to decentralise CF then to offer that very referendum to abolish the positions that are just mealy there to inflate egos.

Let the CF Regional Chairman be the coordinator for that region. Let them make sure that their campaigns are stronger and more efficient, tailored to their region. Let us get back to what youth politics was originally about and that is campaigning and debate.

So please can we have a candidate that steps forward and says if you vote for me, you are not voting for a National Chairman. You are voting for a pledge to hold this referendum and finally decentralise CF.