EXCLUSIVE: Unite/Labour Dodgy Selection Exposed in Great Yarmouth.

TBG can today confirm that another constituency is now at the centre of the Unite Row gripping Ed Miliband's Labour Party.

With events in Falkirk now set to be investigated by cops and selection contests in Hastings, Peterborough and Norwich South all under the media spotlight tbg understands that undue pressure may have been placed on Unite Members to support a candidate in the Great Yarmouth seat too.

Basically, in January this year, Lara Norris, who describes herself as a former single mother and a community manager and who works for Luton MP Gavin Shuker was selected as Labour Candidate for Great Yarmouth which is target seat Number 73 for Ed Miliband in 2015.

tbg understands that as was certainly the case in Norwich South, there was a late influx of funding for Lara from the Unite Union resulting in extra literature and backing.

Unite has openly said on record that it likes to weed out right wing candidates so as to back what it sees as "working class" people and this process, we are told, saw a letter sent to all Unite Members in Great Yarmouth asking them to support Lara.

Even the LabourList website admitted in January of this year that - "Lara Norris... was backed by Unite in the selection".

Both Lara and her boss Gavin Shuker were unavailable for comment.