EXCLUSIVE: Tory Youth Deputy Clobbers UKIP Youth Chairman Over 'Poor Judgement' as he Issues Apology.

Comley apologises to Sewell

UKIP YOUTH Chairman Rob Comley has sensationally issued an apology to Tory Youth National Deputy Chair' Sarah-Jane Sewell over a story published this morning on the Backbencher, Milton Spies about a CF member launching a personal attack on Comley's sex life.

The story was entitled "Dodgy dealings: Alleged foul play from Sarah-Jane Sewell" - it now appears to be offline.

Sarah-Jane Sewell exclusively told tbg - "I'm pleased he has apologised and realised his serious poor judgement, all I can say is that I am very disappointed in his behaviour.

"I have never been anything but nice to Rob, especially because of his lifelong friendship with my boyfriend. In fact I had been looking forward to inviting him over with his girlfriend for dinner with myself and my other half in my new house but there are some bridges that need rebuilding.

"I never attack on personal lives."