EXCLUSIVE: BBQ Bust-up as London Exec' Member Told to 'Behave Like a Tory Female'.

TBG can reveal an hellacious bust-up occurred at last night's London Conservative Future (CF) BBQ at the classy boutique Hotel Montague on the Gardens in Bloomsbury.

Sources reveal Social Action Officer Danielle Fleet was innocently having a life discussion about renovating her flat and pointing out the fact her removal man didn't turn up.

Such comments didn't go down too well as tbg can reveal that the young female Tory was told she was - "Moaning about insignificant things" and that was "not good" for her image, adding - "If you're on the Conservative Future Executive you should have the image to reflect that, you need to behave like a young Conservative female".

According to sources the spat took place when female activist was sensationally told she was apparently put on the London CF Executive in the "uncontested" social action role "because she was attractive" and "that it would encourage members to come to London CF events, as a Tory tourist attraction for all the male members".

A huge public argument ensued which included Social Action Officer Miss Fleet, the London CF Chairman and several other high ranking activists.

Sources have also disclosed to tbg that plots are underway within the London CF Executive to try and "boot" the CF London Chairman from his post.