EXCLUSIVE: Sacked UKIP Youth Chairman Olly Neville 'was Undercover UAF'.

NIGEL FARAGE was in north west London last night as he jumped into bed with the Jewish community. Farage stumbled along with baffling inaccuracies and errors trying to talk down immigration to an immigrant community whilst contradicting himself several times, but tbg will save that article for another day very soon.

The wackiest humdinger of the night allegedly came from Harrow UKIP Chairman and former councillor candidate for the area when he sensationally accused sacked UKIP Youth Chairman Olly Neville of being an undercover Unite Against Fascism (UAF) member, who was intent on the disruption of UKIP.

Neville was sacked by UKIP bosses earlier this year for publicly supporting same-sex marriage but it seems rumour has it within UKIP ranks now that something much more sinister was at play.

TBG caught up with Olly for a response to the latest bonkers excuse as to why he was dumped by UKIP.

Olly told tbg - "It is refreshing to hear that I was working for the UAF as most of the time I get told I was working for the EU and once for the Vatican (though I hope that was a joke). Sadly none of these organisations have yet paid me for my devastating work in bringing UKIP to its knees, supporting the right of two people of the same gender to get married.

UKIP’s ability to attract conspiracy theorists is always a joy. I would urge Mr Zeid to read the official email that I was sent by the party chairman telling me I was being fired for supporting equal marriage. Alternatively he should provide his evidence that I work for the UAF and bring my false veneer as a right wing libertarian crashing down.

In a party facing its own sexual assault crisis and drifting ever leftwards on tax, NHS and education it is rather amusing for me to be labelled a UAF-er. Seriously what planet do these people live on?"

Neville has actually never been in any political organisation other than UKIP which he joined when he turned 18. Olly Neville always seemed a loyal and committed member turning up to almost every by election since 2010 and contributing time and money to the UKIP steam engine up until the day they fired him.

In other news a defection has taken place - from UKIP to the Conservatives. UKIP Youth member George Burrell has just jumped ship, he says because of none other than the #Ollyshambles saga.

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