EXCLUSIVE: Pelling's Croydon Smear Snaps Backfire.

Pelling seems to have taken to smearing his own Labour colleagues

Croydon Councillor and supreme CF'er Clare George-Hilley opened Wandle Park yesterday in London, it apparently "went very well" and was a huge success.

This was until Cllr Hilley had learned of an online attack by her opponent and Labour candidate in the Waddon ward of Croydon, Andrew Pelling. The former Tory now Labour member's blog, Inside Croydon, for which he is Special Correspondent, published photos of Clare and her husband "enjoying Pimms in the VIP tent".

But the online attack sensationally backfired after it was pointed out that also in the smear snap was Pelling's colleague Stuart Collins, Labour’s deputy leader in Croydon.