EXCLUSIVE: 'No Confidence' Tory Deputy Chair' Makes Bullying Complaint Against 12 Councillors Over Vote.

Following Friday evening's Landslide No Confidence vote against Crawley Conservative Association Chairman Lee Gilroy and Deputy Chairman Political Karl Williamson, a further development has rocked Crawley's troubled Conservatives.

All 12 Crawley Conservative Councillors who had signed the No Confidence motion, are said to have received an official letter in the post on Saturday morning from Crawley Borough Council. The letter supposedly states that Cllr Karl Williamson has made a Standards complaint, sensationally claiming that the signing of the No Confidence motion constitutes an act of bullying and therefore breaks the Councillor Code of Conduct.

Cllr Williamson who had lost the Landslide No Confidence vote as Deputy Chairman Political just hours earlier amid allegations of bullying, has already made a sexual harassment complaint against Council leader Bob Lanzer to CCHQ and some weeks later, subsequently made the same complaint to Sussex Police.

It is also alleged that Williamson has threatened to bring his own No Confidence vote to this Wednesday's Full Council meeting in Crawley, against Council leader Bob Lanzer and four members of his Cabinet who had signed the Association No Confidence petition against him. However, so far this has apparently not yet materialised. tbg plans to dispatch a reporter to attend this meeting where sparks are bound to fly.

A tbg local source said - "It looks like an emerging pattern, in that whenever Cllr Williamson appears not to get his way, a tantrum is thrown and complaints or threats happen. In any field, there must come a time when multiple complaints become regarded as vexatious complaints, often by someone with personal issues."

As tbg writes, Karl Williamson and Lee Gilroy have not yet resigned their positions. It was reported that neither had attended the Special General Meeting.

While dozens of Crawley Conservative members were debating the No Confidence motion against Williamson, he was spotted dining at Crawley's swanky Giggling Squid Thai restaurant - whose menu includes a posh Moo Ping grilled marinated pork on skewers, and a world famous Giggling Squid dish which includes choice baby squids filled with minced chicken, steamed and fried in a superior batter.

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