EXCLUSIVE: More Tory Chaos in Crawley.

TBG can today confirm that the chaos in the Crawley Conservative Party has, if anything, got worse in recent days.

With Conservative Campaign Headquarters saying that help is being offered at area level it seems as though that offer has fallen on deaf ears.

Even though there are some in the Crawley Conservatives who want a clean fresh start for the local party others are not so like minded.

Another source has come forward to tbg and told us that "There are members within the Conservative Group in Crawley who are hell bent to hanging on to power using any form of corruption or skulduggery."

"There was only a few but the numbers are growing they just want to hang on for power."

"I want the party to clean of these kinds of people so that we are not tarnished by political sleaze."

The source told tbg this morning that they don't want "to bring down the party but to get rid of the scumbags who make decisions on our lives."

"There is a list of stuff and just few are the vote rigging that has taken place in county elections.

"The leader of the council knowingly had two members in his group, who were not members of the party so therefore they were on committees and voting when they should not have been."

"When the Chairman of the party (Lee Gilroy) discovered this, he was told to cover it up by the leader Bob Lanzer and he refused."

"This has caused resentment towards the chairman as he will not accept corruption and sleaze."

"The Leader of the council then paid the membership to another association in Horsham so that they could be members in Crawley through a loophole."

"I have also heard that a police investigation has started on the complaint towards Cllr Bob Lanzer for sexual harassment towards a man half his age."

"If this was a member of staff they would be suspended immediately, but Cllr Bob Lanzer seems to not care about the image of the party and is only interested in hanging on in there for his allowance."

The source ends by telling tbg that "Lanzer and Crow should just go and give the party in Crawley a chance to rebuild."

At the time of writing, both Bob Lanzer and Duncan Crow were unavailable for comment.

Another source has told tbg that Council Leader Bob Lanzer has the support of 17 out of the 21 Tory Councillors in Crawley.

Tory Association Chairman Lee Gilroy faces a Vote of No Confidence this coming Friday, as exclusively revealed on tbg, and the source also commented, "Cllr's Gilroy and Williamson are out to smear all those who have signed the no confidence petition" against their rule of the local Conservative Association.

Twelve councillors out of 21 have signed the No Confidence motion. It has also been alleged that Gilroy and Williamson have said they'll not stand down if they ever lost such a vote.

It truly seems as if the Crawley Tories are at war.