EXCLUSIVE: Meltdown as Tory Chairman Receives Landslide Vote of No Confidence.

Chairman and Deputy Chairman of Crawley Association lose No Confidence vote by massive margin.

TBG can exclusively reveal that the Crawley Conservative Association vote of No Confidence in Chairman Lee Gilroy, and Deputy Chairman Political Karl Williamson, has been overwhelmingly carried this evening.

The motion of No Confidence was carried by approximately 95% of attending Crawley members in separate ballots against both Lee Gilroy and Karl Williamson.

Neither Gilroy or Williamson were said to be in attendance at what was described locally as "an exceptionally well-attended meeting." A tbg source said, "The massive scale of this No Confidence vote must prove how unpopular both the Chairman and his Deputy had become and how their suitability in carrying out their roles was viewed by their party grassroots. This crushing defeat has to remove any lingering authority and make their positions untenable. The only option has to be to resign with immediate effect so that the local party can move on."

It has previously been alleged that Lee Gilroy had stated that both he and Karl Williamson would refuse to resign if they lost the vote. It is rumoured that following the vote, CCHQ is poised to be inundated by Crawley members demanding action if the resignations do not occur immediately.

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